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Self Healing and Reflection

I like to touch on this often because with everything going on today, I feel we don’t do enough self healing and reflection. It’s not only designed for a specific group of people but we can all benefit from it. Make sure we are doing good mentally and physically. When was the last time you actually sat down, relaxed and made sure that you felt good about where you are in life? Last time you checked to make sure you weren’t stressed with what’s going on around you? This should be a regular thing, just checking up on you as a person. Stop, sit down and take a break. Are you good? How are you feeling?

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Mentally Disconnecting (1)

I feel like anything going on between you and someone else should be kept to you. The moment you start telling others then it becomes a lot especially if you are just going to keep that person in your circle. An example would be if you tell me issues you’re having with your boyfriend, I won’t like the dude anymore because he is doing things that aren’t keeping you happy. After you tell me this stuff you are continuing to be with the person like you ain’t just drop some heavy tea about them to me. The world doesn’t work that way. I try my best to mind my business and stay in my bubble but the lord put me on this earth to listen to all these issues to just respond, “oh thats crazy.” I stay in my lane though but once you let that information out I feel like you have started to mentally disconnect from that person.

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Black & White

The thought of things being either black or white some people do not understand. Most times they feel like they need a grey in between to make sense of certain ideas. Why can’t things just be a yes or no and not include a maybe? I feel like having that middle sometimes doesn’t work for EVERY situation. I feel that people try to make the “middle” work for everything when it shouldn’t. I say this because certain things in my life I’ve noticed it’s less of a maybe and more of a direct yes or no. People seem to get offended by that.

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Are We All Just Always Depressed?

Are we all just always depressed? Depressed about something random in our lives and the many different things that we are experiencing. I’ve been falling in and out of depression in my opinion. One minute I could be good and then someone brings something up, then I am down. I am depressed at times and people will never know only cause certain times my mind is somewhere else. People shouldn’t know only because I am a private person and I don’t need to share everything with social media. At times I find myself so lost in my job or hobbies that I forget that I was feeling a particular type of way earlier in the day. Continue reading