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This Tea Though (5)

Sometimes being in love with someone can blind you to certain aspects about them that, if you weren’t in love with them, you would catch immediately. Love causes you to see the best in someone, even if it hurts you to do that. We often miss signs until its a little bit toooooo late. Nothing is ever just picture perfect but you know you have to keep moving forward.

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This Tea Though (4)

So let me tell ya something, if you plan to tell me a story of some sort expect me to provide guidance to my readers on the topic. I will never mention a name but at the same time I want people to understand that I get told a lot of things that have me confused. What is the longest you are willing to talk to someone with no title? Not title, no goals on moving forward together, just nothing. You guys are literally just talking and entertaining each other with no expectations. Pretty much fuck buddies in my opinion. Continue reading

This Tea Though (3)

 Dating is such an interesting thing because it can go left very quickly without you even expecting it. You assume things are going to be flowers and happiness all the time but when it comes to dating it’s never that. A generation with so many options sometimes we are greedy and want everything instead of accepting what’s already present. An anonymous stranger, who let his guard down for a moment and life changed, shared this tea with me to share with my readers.
When we think we find a great person we never want to let them slip through our fingers. We literally have future talks with them about taking trips and enjoying life together. As we get older we realize we don’t want to be 40 and alone, still hitting those 21 and older clubs. When dating someone for more then 7+ months, talking everyday, spending time with each other, I feel like you both have an understanding. You didn’t go into this to waste time but ultimately that’s what happens.
So this guy (Guy A) went to a day party to go link up with his friend. His friend brought another guy (Guy B) who just moved to the town about 3 months ago. They’re exchanging information and then Guy B proceeds to say that his girl is coming to the day party. He said that they are moving in together and that she has been so great to him. A couple moments later the girl walks in and Guy A realizes that’s the girl that he has been talking to for the past couple months. He is completely crushed. The girl is in complete shock and doesn’t even know how to handle the situation. Guy A kept his composure and mentioned to Guy B that’s the girl that he has been talking to for the past couple months. Fast forward, after the entire situation the girl kept hitting Guy A’s phone to try and fix the issue that she caused. It was too late, as you publicly came out with someone and you are moving in with him (“was” moving in. Guy B dropped her after hearing that she had a Guy C). Crazy thing is that friends and family knew about Guy A and would constantly call him for things in regards to her. They didn’t know about Guy B (or Guy C).
If you have options just say you do. No one wants to spend time and put in all this effort with someone who has multiple people. Dating shouldn’t be a game and more value should be put into it. Situations like this make people don’t want to date anymore and just be alone. No one is perfect but wasted time is something we can never get back.

This Tea Though (2)

So I was reading this article about a 15 year old girl getting a train ran on her by 25 dudes from her school. If you don’t know what a train is please google it. My thing is that shit is wild to think that these kids from this generation have no boundaries on what they do. The other thing got me thinking about a chick I use to date that had a train ran on her. Before you judge me, let me spill some of this tea about myself for you
Back in my younger years I was dating this girl that was pretty dope. I always do research when I get to know people. You know the normal background check like see if we have mutual friends, what can people tell me about her, google some information and stalk her social media sites for a bit. This time around I wanted to try something different. I wanted to just go with the flow and hope for the best. **PSA** Do your research in the beginning to save you the trouble.
I will have to tell you now that was the stupidest decision I made just because we were six months in and I wanted to make her my girlfriend. I went to ask my friends about her and they gave me the tea. Come to find out she had a couple trains ran on her and she was well known for her loose vagina. I was so hurt about all this new information I received. I felt so blindsided and thought she would have told me about this in the beginning. I mean she told me that she really liked sex and did some stuff in undergrad but c’mon tell me. It would have been good to know this information in the beginning so I could have walked away without wasting my time. Everyone is not perfect but you have to set some type of boundaries on the people you allow yourself to be with. I told her I needed a break to figure out some things. This is when she became clingy and wouldn’t stop blowing up my phone. This is when I quickly exited stage left and disappeared from her life forever. My fallback game is on superman levels, trust me. I could see you in public and act like you never existed.
Not shaming her or anything I am just giving you advice. Do your research before dating someone and ask all the questions. It’s better to know before you get involved with them and find out later. Knowing is better than not knowing and investing time only to lose it. I try not to spill tea on myself but sometimes it happens. 
“Your best teacher is your last mistake”