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Love My Melanin

Melanin:The pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color. Dark-skinned people have more melanin in their skin than light-skinned people have.
Honestly, I hate people who say they dislike their skin color or just anything about themselves. I understand that the world is crazy and that you are provided more privilege if your skin color is different but lets be serious. If you dislike something about yourself, like your skin color, that says a lot about you. You need to re-evaluate your life.
You are going to love my skin color and accept me for me. I love me enough to know that just because we are different, that we are still the same and that we are all human. With all the craziness happening in this world we need to sit down and make sure we love ourselves before we love another. They may hate our skin color but as long as you love it that’s all that matters. We are all created different and must accept the fact that we all live in this world. The fact that we can’t even coexist because of skin color still throws me for a loop. Just because I have more melanin then some people doesn’t mean you should hate me. Get to know me and you might realize we have a lot in common.
Before saying, “I hate the color of my skin” make sure that you don’t hate yourself. If you hate yourself, I will completely understand but if you don’t think about what you said. Sometimes we are put in situations where people make us feel ugly, hate ourselves, bully us because of the color of our skin. As long as you love yourself and know that you are the most incredible person in the world you will be fine. It’s more then what is on the surface but what’s in your mind and how you view yourself.
“Love the skin you’re in”


Lately I’ve been confused on what is considered beautiful to a lot of people and why do people kill themselves to look better to impress others.

According to, beautiful is defined “having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc; delighting the sense or mind.”

If “having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc” isn’t a straight forward answer I don’t know what is. To me this means you have to consider many factors instead of just one. They say beauty is in the eye of beholder but is it really? You can only look at something for so long before it is no longer beautiful and if you are basing beauty off of looks then there are a million things wrong with that. It may be 1 factor but should not be the only factor you consider. What brings out a person’s true beauty is really what’s in thier heart and how they come off. Like Kanye West said “The prettiest people do the ugliest things.”

When you start to let others determine if YOU ARE beautiful then that’s a big problem. One example of this is when one person says something about someone else. A lot of people are becoming more self-concise of their appearance and looking for people’s approval. The only approval you need is from yourself to know that you are a very beautiful person. Love yourself; stop caring what others think about you.

Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. ~ Sophia Loren

Ugly _ “in between” _Attractive Part#2

How do we define a Ugly person from an “in-between” person and an Attractive person? Part#2 Looks

This will really be a rough topic especially when we talking about peoples looks. This may be a sensitive issue but I will be 100 percent with you.

A UGLY person in “my opinion” would be a person who is physically unattractive. You would be walking with your boys and there just like ” Yo go put your dog back on a leash” ugly. The group of pretty, gorgeous, delicious looking girls and that ONE ugly looking troll that they walk around with to make themselves stand out more. I’m not going to front I literally ask the chicks “Why are you with her?” and there just like “Oh that’s our friend” BULLLLSHIT and you guys let her come out the house looking like that? ONE she forgot to shave that mustache of hers TWO she forgot lotion for them ashy ass knees of hers and THREE that dress don’t even look cute on her. In the words of Ed Lover “C’MON SON!” Then we have the UGLY chick who thinks she is SOOOOO fly just because she is hanging out with hot chicks. OH NO you better PUMP them breaks, reverse your car back into the garage and get that FULL SERVICE FACE LIFT from AAMCO or MIDAS. (REMEMBER THIS GOES FOR EITHER GUYS OR GIRLS) Then the UGLY person who rejects someone just because they feel that they are to cute for them. Really? Your going to just sit there and let that person reject you? HELL TO THE NO, this might be mean but you gotta keep it real here and tell them straight up “Excuse me? Seriously I only asked you cause I felt sorry for you but you ain’t cute at all boo boo so Ima need you to turn your face the other way from now on when speaking to me and that face of yours, please keep it in your purse when you come out the house. Thank You” Do this with a smile =) makes them feel OH so important.

My definition of an attractive person is a person with a nice smile, beautiful eyes, I don’t care bout there size because beauty definitely comes in any shape and size. Being independent and able to hold your own. A person who is well kept(meaning they brushed there teeth, there cloths are iron and fit them, they don’t smell like rotten garbage) very attractive person but if your hands are rough as shit like you don’t put lotion on your hands or never heard of COCO butter don’t hold my hand. If you can hold someones hand knowing that you used some Johnson and Johnson this morning on your hands then that is attractive. I female that doesn’t have to put make up on, who wears sweats and a t-shirt on and still looks like a million dollars is attractive. An attractive person is a person who catches you with there eyes and MAKE SURE that both yours eyes never disconnect from each other.

FINALLY the “in-between” person, I feel as if a lot of people are this because there neither ugly or attractive but they could be either ugly or attractive by the things they do. These people usually don’t care what people say and work on there look however they see fit. One day they may be the most flyest person walking down the street with they little swag walk, then next day there looking like beetlejuice thinking that its halloween in July. The look of this type of person tends to fluctuate because there on there own thing and dress based on there mood. When there feeling fresh they put on fresh stuff or things that make them look fly that boosts there appearance. Walk out the house with the theme song “Everyday I’m Hustlin”, trying to walk all slow so EVERYONE sees them. Then there is the “I don’t give a f*ck” mood, females will wrap there hair, put some sweats on, a t-shirt, chinese slippers and there “i don’t give a f*ck” face on,do there daily business and DARE someone to say something reckless. Guys will put on a tee, some basketball shorts or sweats, some flop flops and keep it moving.

How do we define a Ugly person from an “in-between” person and an Attractive person? You define these people however YOU see fit either by looks or personality. Remember it is your decision and whatever you decide just know that somebody is making the same decision about you.

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Ugly _ “in between” _Attractive Part#1

How do we define a Ugly person from an “in-between” person and an Attractive person? Part#1 Personality

Every one’s viewpoint is different but these are my thoughts, so my first viewpoint would be personality wise to describe all of these different people. We will look at appearance tomorrow but looks can only get you so far, and those people with the greatest looks usually never have the greatest personalities and aren’t that great to talk to.

As in my previous post an Ugly person has been defined as a person who cares only bout themselves and no one else. They are quick to turn on you and watch you fall when they should be helping you rise to your full potential. They are not a real person with you and tend to lie a lot. This person just brings you down and acts like they are to good to communicate with you. Most of the time the people that fall into this category are the SUPER conceited people who think they look way to good for anyone “normal.” These are the people who have had there seats raised up in to the clouds,by whom? I have no idea, so now they think they are perfect and are better then everyone so now they think they can look down on everyone else. Just think back to that one person who thought they could just get anybody or do anything they want without consequence. Then analyze there tendencies and you will realize how ugly they are.

An attractive person is a low key type of person and also one of those people you have to define on your own because that attractive person could have 1 or 2 tendencies of an ugly person but still be so attractive. An attractive person in my opinion is one of those people who has a welcoming atmosphere about them, there always willing to help you. There easy and comfortable to talk to, and are just honest and real about a lot of things. Instead of trying to bring you down they try and build up on what you already have to lift you up. They are very supportive and rarely get acknowledged because the joy of helping there friends or people around them is a better reward. This person is usually low key and consider themselves a “weirdo” “abnormal” “strange” or “different” because they do stuff that is not normal of there gender

“In-between” you can say are those people that are stuck in the stage where they are a little bit of both 50% ugly and 50% attractive. This person at times shows tendencies of an ugly person by thinking there better then someone or stabbing someone in the back, but other times they might be that person who communicates with you all the time or who doesn’t try to manipulate the group into doing something they don’t want to do. Think back to the person who is sometimes a complete jerk all time, but is still there to support you no matter what your going through then you will figure out who that “in-between” person is.

Personality should really outweigh the look of the person but as human beings we have to weigh in both factors,but remember the best and most attractive person could be the person standing right next to you who has been there through thick and thin to support you through the heartache and the pain. Don’t be afraid to embrace the RIGHT person.

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How do we define a Ugly person from an “in-between” person and an Attractive person? Part#2 Looks