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Drunk Texting

Sometimes I find myself in random situations that I magically put myself in knowing that they happen to all of us. I’ve always been a stubborn person with my emotions (as most men are). As men we clearly don’t open up but with everything that happened last year in my life that stubborn wall I had up came crumbling down. I would find myself trying to fix the wall but then I’d be out drinking with some friends and it would come down a little more. Then I’d be stuck in my feelings texting the wrong people.

We all drunk text and let our drink get the best of us. Sometimes when people know you are drinking they want to get the truth out of you, so they hit you up first. We are all extra friendly and a lot more truthful when we are intoxicated. The truth comes out and you just want to tell people whats really on your mind. Either how they fucked up, how you hate them, how much you love them or just something that doesn’t apply to them. You just want to get whatever off your chest that’s just been bothering you but you acted like you didn’t care about. Once you finally get that liquid courage you just let go. I’ve found myself a couple times in the past year doing that. I know better but I was completely in a different space and I definitely didn’t care while I was intoxicated.

The next day I’d wake up looking at my phone like, “Did I really send this?” or “Did I really talk to this person like this?” I mean drinking relaxes you and makes you more susceptible to your feelings. We all know this. It’s all about what you do after you get to this point. Drunk texting is apart of life so don’t get to caught up. Lessons are learned quickly from messing getting drunk and saying what’s really on your mind.

Draking and Driving (Part 2)

You ever just be in your feelings and can’t explain it? Then you realize you playing some soft ass shit and that you are deeper in your feelings then you expected. Yes you are draking. As discussed in Part 1, draking is as an emotion that overcomes every other feeling you have. It makes you do things that you know dam well you shouldn’t be doing. Like driving to your exes spot when you guys haven’t spoke in months or trying to facebook stalk that girl that gave you some of her fruit snacks in middle school. This is really an epidemic that is growing.

Have you ever listened to Sam Smith’s album straight through? Like his songs are amazing and literally will have you draking. Everyone should know his song “Stay With Me” . . .that song is just the definition of someone’s life at a particular moment. You ever just want to text lyrics to someone just to tell them how you feel or just tell them to pay attention to you? That is Sam Smith’s life to me, with all of his songs. He talks about potentials and people who he wants but that don’t really notice him.  Other people just letting him down or just wanting someone to leave the person they are with for him or just him not being the only one in someone’s life. Like I seriously be draking and driving to Sam Smith. No fucks given at all, windows rolled down and singing my lungs out. Then you look at your phone for those couple people so you can call them and just sing off key or just send them a bunch of emoji’s.

Every one has a draking moment and there is really nothing you can do about it. You just got to go with the flow and throw your phone at the wall. This will prevent you from texting/calling any unnecessary people.  You can be draking to a lot of different artist but Drake will still get you to that level of going hard as shit, then bring you back to your feelings and remind you of some person who held your hand for 5 minutes back in high school. When you start having that draking feeling, just put your phone to the side and stop yourself.

Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love ’cause I’m just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?
~Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Draking and Driving


We have all been a victim of “Draking and Driving.” You can say you haven’t but you definitely have. Drake is a great artist but some of his songs will have you sitting in your feelings all crazy. You will just be listening to his album, bumpin it, then a song come on that will have you thinking about life. Life and that random person that gave you a long hug in 9thgrade. That person that you had a random conversation with at a random house party, who said they would call you and never called. Then he got songs where you save your tears in a jar so you can show someone how much they hurt you. Listening to 1 drake song is all good because sometimes it won’t get you there but listening to a whole album is another story.
            This is not up for debate because I have witnessed people who have listened to a whole Drake album and want to visit there past. When they say, “I am feeling like Drake,” yeah that’s a new emotion like love or hate. I am Draking right now. Honestly sit there and listen to a Drake album and tell me if you don’t feel weird.
I finally decided to listen to Drake’s new album on my way to the Knick’s game the other day. Let me tell you how I was going thru my phone all crazy trying to hit up a couple chicks from my past.  Drake song with Jhene Aiko (From Time) came on and I was like “dam this shit right here though.” Thank god I delete numbers and move on. I was definitely Draking and driving the other day. Don’t get me wrong, he has some joints on there that pop but other songs that just make you go deep into your memories. I remember a girl from high school that wanted to share her pizza with me. I would have married her if I were listening to Drake. Just cause she shared some pizza with me. Don’t become a victim of Draking and driving. When listening to a Drake album, throw some 2 Chainz, J.Cole, Wale, Jay-Z in the mix. You can’t listen to a Drake album straight thru. Also don’t Drake and Drive, it is very dangerous.

The Claim Game (Part 2)

So we are back to this topic of the “Claim Game” (click onlink to read part 1).  This time I will be talking about a different aspect of the claim game. One that I know a couple of my friends are going through at the moment.

You know when you are interested in someone and you guys are talking back and forth for a good couple months. There is like an unofficial “your mine” type of stare that you give to each other, just saying you know what it is without either person actually saying something. Unofficially claiming the person but wanting it to be officially said. You guys do a lot of things in public, (kiss, hold hands, hug, etc.) but you still pass each other off as “just friends.” Then you ask yourself the question, “Why hasn’t he/she claimed me yet?”

Is it a fear of committing to one person? Fear of knowing you finally found someone good for you? Fear of your past catching up with you? Fear of people knowing you’re with someone? Fear of being tied down or maybe it’s just something we are just not ready for. Like I said in my previous blog, you never want to start claiming someone unless you are really serious about them. People will believe every word you say and run with it.

The “Claim Game” is basically giving someone a TITLE and hoping they act accordingly to the title that was given to them. Next time someone “Claims” you ask yourself “What have I done to allow them to give me a title and think that I am “CLAIMABLE?”