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Music For The Moment: Before Summer 16

With the seasons my music always changes especially when new music comes out. Trying to listen to a bunch of new things before the summer officially hits. With the summer comes music that literally considered “summer tunes” and that you are going to have on replay. I tell everyone to broaden the music that you absorb so no matter where you go you will have fun. I am capable of going to different places with my friends and having a great time with them no matter what is playing. Yes sometimes they over play songs on the radio at parties but sometimes they don’t play all the good music that has been released. You never know what good music you will miss out on. 
So before the summer officially hits I would suggest listening to some tunes and adding them to your playlist. Sometimes you just want to vibe out with your team or just your significant other. You should have a playlist for different situations. As I shared before my Spotify playlists are provided below. 

PreGame Mix (click here) – This is the play list that gets me turnt up all the time when I am on vacation or just hitting the gym.

Draking and Driving (click here) – When you are in the car alone and just want to be in your feelings. Trust me you will be in your feelings with this one.

Some of the good vibes I would suggest are provided below. I really like R&B music so I will always be a sucker for those good tunes. 
Rihanna ANTI – (Jan 27) still bumps even though she is considered R&B/Pop I find some of her music really good
Kanye West – The Life of Pablo (Feb 17) Is an amazing piece of artwork presented by Kanye. You will definitely find a tune to bump on a long ride with this one. 
Future – Evol (Feb 6) I have yet to be disappointed by Future. He is always switching it up and releasing good music you can have fun to.
Kendrick Lamar – untitled unmastered (March 4)Was unexpected and amazing at the same dam time. 
dvsn – Sept. 5th (March 27) not a lot of people know of this artist but they should. Just be warned you will be Draking and Driving to his music.
Beyonce – Lemonde (April 23) Beyonce is literally in her own music catergory and her work is always flawless. As a man I just have to applaud her for her story telling capabilities and greatness.
Drake – Views (April 29) I personally don’t know what type of album this is just because Drake can either be R&B or Rap but I wasn’t too impressed by this one. If he had a couple hard tunes in this one I would have been okay but I was too busy in my feelings for this one. 
Corinne Bailey Rae – The Heart Speaks in Whispers (May 13) I have missed Corinne for so long and I am extremely happy she is back. Her new album is definitely a must if you haven’t already heard it.
Mr. Wes – What is Love? (May 13) If you are trying to be in your feelings turn this on and grab yourself some wine. This will have you feeling all of your feelings.

 Sorry for the long list but so much has been released in 2016 that you really can’t listen to all of it. I am not a big mixtape guy but you have to check some of the ones I provided below. I get it, mixtapes are free albums but mixtapes allow a different type of music to be heard then what is customary on albums released for commercial listen. Albums always have some type of restriction while mixtapes you are able to really listen to the artist creating the music.

Inf_Red – Pushing Up Daisies, This mixtape has an early 90s type of feel and the lyrics just flow. You hear the lyrics and feel the music.

Chance The Rapper – The Coloring Book, This pure elixir of greatness I really can’t get enough of. This is on repeat for the next couple of weeks.(exclusive to Apple music)

When searching for new music or increasing your library always try to listen to new things. Sometimes it takes more then one listen to actually like something. I notice when I listen to something and I don’t pick it up immediately I need a few more listens to pass judgement. I am not a music critic, I just like what I like. Good music always finds a way to you.

If it sounds good, it is good. – Duke Ellington

Music For The Moment 2015

Five years since I wrote my first post regarding music for the moment and I would have to say my music taste has greatly changed. Like I stated in my first post 5 years ago, music is the gateway to our souls, so listening to it and relating to it always makes us feel better. I personally have a lot of different types of music I listen to just because it’s just one of those things I like. Yes I can express exactly how I feel through writing but if you have a song RIGHT this moment that can do that for you, why not play it?

Ask yourself this, ” have I actually listened to the words to the music I like to hear?” Of course you haven’t because it’s really catchy but when you hear it enough you start to pick up on the words and start to understand it. At this very moment the music you are listening to you really like. I would have to say this summers music selection as been very good to me. Future definitely killed it with the release DS2 which has one of my favorite songs on it (Where Ya At). Fetty Wap has been dropping smash (679) after smash (My Way). Depending on your mood and your life situations you can definitely relate.If you trying to be in your feelings you definitely want to listen to some Drake (Hotline Bling) but also Mr Wes (Ride With Me). Definitely some smooth tunes if you are trying to Drake and Drive. If you don’t know what Draking and Driving is, just listen to Mr Wes song and you will definitely feel it. Of course I had to throw in some Calvin Harris (How Deep is Your Love) just cause it really feels good.

I use spotify to listen to my music but here are some of my play lists that a lot of my friends like to listen to.

PreGame Mix (click here) – This is the play list that gets me turnt up all the time when I am on vacation or just hitting the gym.

Draking and Driving (click here) – When you are in the car alone and just want to be in your feelings. Trust me you will be in your feelings with this one.

Carnival/Caribana Lituation (click here) – This is a new play list I started just because you need to switch it up sometimes and start a carnival at your desk on Friday’s at 4:30 in the afternoon.

No matter what life has to offer you just remember that music is always the greatest escape you can have. Embracing different types of genres and artists will allow you to grow outside of your box. Experience more from life and always have an escape.

“Good music doesn’t have an expiration date”

King Bey & The BeyHIVE

All Hail to King Bey and the BeyHIVE. I don’t think people understand the loyalty and the power that Beyonce and her fans have. The BeyHIVE can clearly end the hopes, dreams and careers of the people that try to attack King Bey. I don’t know why people haven’t realized you can’t just talk shit about Beyonce and hope that everything will be okay. NO NO NO, your life is no longer safe the BeyHIVE will sting you hard. 
Okay lets stat some of the facts before we begin. Beyonce is/was (however you want to call it) part of Destiny Child, one of the greatest female trios of all time. You will always hear a Destiny Child song somewhere with Beyonce leading the vocals. Next, she has won over 40+ awards including Grammys, AMA, Billboard awards, World Music awards and even an Emmy for her Super Bowl Performance. Her net worth is estimated to be at $450+ million and growing. She has multiple ventures including endorsements, fashion lines and philanthropy that she is involved in globally.
Now let’s get into this topic, just wanted those who are not aware of her success to know why she has such loyal fans. She makes music that people can relate to and is very influential. She is an influential human being, not woman, but human being. If you can’t enjoy the way she lives her life and the music she plays for the people, please go walk into the nearest wall. As a guy I have my moments when a Beyonce joint comes on and I’m like “this shit pops right here.” SIDE NOTE: Guy code thing to do though if you’re in a car with a bunch of other guys change the song ASAP. I think one of my favorite Beyonce songs so far is 7/11, only because this sounds like the best sex song in life. Think about the words before you debate me on this.
Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air – Translation (while she turned staring at you smack that ass in the air)
Legs movin’ side to side, smack it in the air – Translation (open her legs while you smack that ass some more in the air)
Legs movin side to side, smack you in the air – Translation (them legs not open enough smack that ass some more in the air)
This is only the first 3 lines of the intro I could continue but back to the topic. Another song I really like from her is off her Dangerously in Love album was a song she did with Luthor Vandross called “The Closer I Get to You.” It’s like she was meant to sing this song with him. I am just saying you can be male and female and love the mess out of her songs. When you feel someone talking about her you will attack them just because you feel that’s your family. Like, “Don’t talk about King Bey for I hurt you.” No matter who your favorite artists are Beyonce is probably the only one you will fight the hardest to defend.
1st person we will discuss is Draya Michele from Basketball wives. She said the below comment about King Bey, then ended up deleting her twitter for a while. I would understand if you’re a regular person talking shit but if you are famous and have a bunch of followers why would you even say anything? 
2nd person most recent Kid Rock questioning King Bey’s greatness. Like why you mad though? You’ve been out longer and your much older, so your mad? I get it bro, you will be all right. 
To quickly name a few,
Raven Symone – Deleted her IG, didn’t check to see if she had a new one.
Keyshia Cole – Talking about Beyonce’s song “Bow Down”
Keri Hilson – Also taking shots at Beyonce’s song “Bow Down”

Karrueche Tran – For talking about Blue Ivy’s hair
Bill O”Reilly – Talking about Beyonce’s “Partition” video
I feel like if you are going to come for King Bey make sure your team is somewhat loyal to you because King Bey will let the BeyHIVE do the work. They are known to end careers and destroy homes. I would have to say Beyonce has the most loyal fans that any person can have. That’s the only way to get through in the industry that she is in. Is to be loyal to your fans and have them be loyal to you. Shout out to the loyal members of the BeyHIVE.
“I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” Beyonce Knowles

Draking and Driving (Part 2)

You ever just be in your feelings and can’t explain it? Then you realize you playing some soft ass shit and that you are deeper in your feelings then you expected. Yes you are draking. As discussed in Part 1, draking is as an emotion that overcomes every other feeling you have. It makes you do things that you know dam well you shouldn’t be doing. Like driving to your exes spot when you guys haven’t spoke in months or trying to facebook stalk that girl that gave you some of her fruit snacks in middle school. This is really an epidemic that is growing.

Have you ever listened to Sam Smith’s album straight through? Like his songs are amazing and literally will have you draking. Everyone should know his song “Stay With Me” . . .that song is just the definition of someone’s life at a particular moment. You ever just want to text lyrics to someone just to tell them how you feel or just tell them to pay attention to you? That is Sam Smith’s life to me, with all of his songs. He talks about potentials and people who he wants but that don’t really notice him.  Other people just letting him down or just wanting someone to leave the person they are with for him or just him not being the only one in someone’s life. Like I seriously be draking and driving to Sam Smith. No fucks given at all, windows rolled down and singing my lungs out. Then you look at your phone for those couple people so you can call them and just sing off key or just send them a bunch of emoji’s.

Every one has a draking moment and there is really nothing you can do about it. You just got to go with the flow and throw your phone at the wall. This will prevent you from texting/calling any unnecessary people.  You can be draking to a lot of different artist but Drake will still get you to that level of going hard as shit, then bring you back to your feelings and remind you of some person who held your hand for 5 minutes back in high school. When you start having that draking feeling, just put your phone to the side and stop yourself.

Guess it’s true, I’m not good at a one-night stand
But I still need love ’cause I’m just a man
These nights never seem to go to plan
I don’t want you to leave, will you hold my hand?
~Sam Smith – Stay With Me