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Don’t Invite Me

 Honestly, at this point in my life, I don’t care to be invited to things. It’s great to be involved in activities or a part of something but at the end of the day, I don’t care. Enjoy your fun, it really is okay not to invite me. With the pandemic still going on and most people thinking it’s gone, I would rather look from afar and pray for your continued success from the comfort of my home. 

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Are We Still Friends?

I always seem to talk about friendships but as you grow through life, I feel friendships are essential. Some friendships are forever, while others are just temporary life lessons. I think we have to ask ourselves what we consider friends and the level of friendships we have. Based off one of my older posts entitled, “ Friend Circles” I feel like you don’t have to ask people, “are we still friends?”

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Going off my previous topic #HeyBestFriend from 2016. Click here to read more.

How time flies and things in your life just change drastically. You go from living a grand life to just living with a chip on your shoulder because you are trying to support the people around you but can’t. A conversation I had with one of my boys twice after we went through a similar experience (losing family members back to back). Basically talking about making sure we are good since we have to be good for everyone else. Talking about trying to be supportive for those people around us but no longer being able to just listen to people’s issues because we have our own. The way you use to be before a situation happens, changes after the situation happens. You just stop caring as much for what’s going on in others lives. You get lost in your own void of emotions and feelings, that you have no idea what to deal with. Continue reading

Dating and Dating Again (Part 2)

            Most times with dating you think you are ready but sometimes you aren’t really ready. You may have inner demons that you have to deal with, your past constantly showing up or you’re just dealing with someone who just wants to go full throttle. You never want to rush something until YOU are ready. You don’t want to half ass something and in the end it falls apart.
            The thing about dating is that you have to be able to make sure that person is all about you and you are all about them. This always takes time and sometimes never happens immediately. You have to have that feeling of “damn this is the only person I want to be with” when you’re alone without them. Until you reach that point I feel you aren’t truly ready. It’s not so much of an infatuation its more so a non-interest in other people besides this one person. You could see another great person try to step into your life but you already have one and that person is amazingly occupying your time. You consider these other people a non-factor because you already have this great person in your life. Sometimes most of us don’t even get to this point and we just bite the bullet just so we have someone. No, don’t do that only because its unpredictable on how you may feel later on about them. After some time you may just lose interest or your interest in them may grow. You will never know unless you just step out and just try. Give someone a reason to make you their main dish instead of that side salad. Build that friendship so they can get to that point if they haven’t yet.
            You can’t date wrong it’s a continuous learning process. Somethings might happen immediately whereas others may take a while. Dating is literally testing the waters before making someone official. Hurt feelings happen and if you feel something isn’t going in the right direction, TALK ABOUT IT. No one ever wants to feel pressured to jump into something they aren’t 100% committed for and 100% ready for. We just don’t know what the other person is thinking and what inner battles they are going through but we do know that things take time. It is never wasted time but a learning experience that will help us in the future.