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False Sense of Happiness (2)

During this pandemic (Covid 2020 AKA The Rona AKA Big Rona AKA The destroyer of 2020) I feel like a lot of things have clicked for people. Clicked in the sense that they aren’t forcing happiness or letting things around them give them a false sense of happiness anymore. That false sense of happiness you get from hanging around with the wrong people or seeing fake happiness online. We are in a pandemic which is causing people to disconnect from the negatives of the world and just be in their space.

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False Sense of Happiness

Don’t let social media or things you see in society rush you into a false sense of happiness. Just because one person is happy, doesn’t mean you will be happy in the same way. I personally like staying in my bubble and disconnecting from society from time to time. It grounds me and reminds me who I am. I think that so many things that are considered a societal norm, people try to live by. Live your own life, in your own way because you choose to and not because society tells you. 

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Men Who Brunch

So I’ve posted a couple pictures of me at brunch and have discussed how much I love brunch often. If you don’t know what brunch is, grow up and educate yourself. It has to be one of the best things you can ever experience in your adult life. The weird thing is that people think that men who do brunch are gay. Are you serious? So I can’t do brunch because that would make me seem like I’m gay? Who raised you? Does it matter what someone likes? How basic can you be to assume that? 
If you’ve never experienced the joys of brunch and actually know what it is you can’t respond. You also don’t pay my bills so you can’t tell me where to go. The amount of grown and beautiful women at a good brunch event is always amazing. Drinking mimosas and screwdrivers while having breakfast food is delicious. Dancing and networking with people you’ve never met is also an enjoyable part of doing brunch. Brunch isn’t only meant for one type of people it is literally for everyone. When you are an adult you always want to try new things and not always have to go out at night. If you can do something during the day and have enough time afterwards to do adult things you will do it. Brunch is the best excuse for day drinking. If you go with a good group of people this could be the best experience. Everyone does brunch different but as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.  
What makes brunch gay for men? I was told because it started in Atlanta with gay men. How ignorant do you have to be to assume this? My thinking is that weak minded people that haven’t experienced life make assumptions about things like this. Brunch is not a new concept that started this year. It has been happening since the late 1900’s, maybe even earlier from the research I’ve found. It’s just that people of color decided to take it and add a better twist to it. It’s still classy but ratchet at times, enjoyable and for those true adults that are adulting right. Brunch is not for everyone but don’t immediately judge people for the things they find enjoyable just because you don’t have an understanding for it.
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Have you ever taken a moment to go through people’s social media and see the hashtags they have posted under pics? It will take you on an adventure that your clearly aren’t ready for. You can search anything via hashtags and are able to see the number of things that people are using hashtags for. Sometimes the hashtags don’t relate to the topic but it’s just interesting to see. Whenever I am traveling or going somewhere I don’t look up the place I search the hashtag. This allows me to search for parties, restaurants and different events going on in that area. You would be surprised to know that people hashtag everything. 
I know a major marketing tool for some industries is to use hashtags and when events happen tell everyone to post pics using hashtags. I went to my friends baby shower this past weekend and they asked everyone to use a specific hashtag. They had a monitor that showed the pics people posted with the hashtag. Technology has come a long way and it’s great that we can tie in different situations/experiences with a hashtag for further viewing. Sometimes instead of going through my social media timeline I go through hashtags that are posted by people to see how they view the world. 
As technology continues to evolve the method for accessing things will change with it. Are you ready to grow with it? Create your own hashtag for life and live it. You never know what you might see and who might see it but get up and hashtag everything.

“You just have to create your own sunshine”