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My Co-Workers are Kooler then Yours

So my birthday weekend was officially the dopest thing ever. Got so much love from everyone thanks again for the support and all those who celebrated with me.

Today’s topic is about co-workers and how they make your work experience 10x more fun then it already is. Most people hate there jobs or are just not to enthusiastic of it but this is where having good co-workers come in. People who are just as relaxed as you, do there work and actually have fun while doing it. Good co-workers usually have your back and usually cover for you when you are later. For example, Monday and Tuesday my co-workers bought me some cupcakes, pizza and a card for my birthday. They also knew I was going to have a party so they said if I came in late they would act like I was here the whole time. Those are great co-workers, we laugh and joke about the stupidest random shit ever but these guys are really really dope.

Bad co-workers are the ones always trying to throw you under the bus, they make the work environment very tense and try to make you look bad all the time. You sit there and think “Why are you such a bitch for?” That’s just in there nature they never want to help anyone but themselves so what can you do? Don’t be like them, you have to find reasons why you like to work and why you love your job.

Sooooo that’s why i definitely say out of all the 4 jobs I’ve had so far my co-workers at my current one are definitely kooler then yours.