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Genuine (Part 2)

We always fail to realize the genuine people that we have in our corner. Those individuals that are thrown into our lives and make it better. We are too busy lost in our own bubble to realize how genuine they are but we do thank them. We live in a society where we think that genuine people no longer exist and that everyone is out to get you. Never realizing that person that we pushed away was actually one of the best pieces of the puzzle that completed our lives.
The moment someone is genuine with us we think they are out to get us or this is a lie. Just because something in your life has gone bad before doesn’t mean everything in your life will. The energy you give off is the same energy you will attract. Some people come around and are truly genuine but we have this assumption, “What are your intentions coming into my life?”  A person who knows your true worth and values you as an individual will always find a way to fit into the puzzle of your life. 
The positive energy you exhibit will always attract those genuine people that you think don’t exist. The moment you have those genuine people in your life you should cherish them. You should cherish everyone as the world has but so many of them to share. Always show appreciation to those individuals who make the days a little better.

Thank you to everyone that has remained genuine in my life.

“I love the genuine people who are in my life and make my life amazing. I also love those fake people who left my life and made it even more fantastic!”

Bite Your Tongue

Sometimes we are considered that “Friend With No Filter”(click to read topic) but sometimes I feel like if you bite your tongue you won’t be able to express what’s really on your mind.  I feel like if we are friends/associates and you know what type of person I am, you should know I will be straightforward about my thoughts. We tend to hide what we are thinking in the fear of hurting someone’s feelings or just losing a friend. If you cant speak openly with people about the truth, then don’t speak about anything at all in my opinion.
This generation is stuck on social media communication and never being direct with there peers. Having a barrier between them and someone else, so they can get that sense of  “they won’t feel as hurt” or  “they wont take it that serious.” Biting your tongue will close a lot more doors then opening them but it will show you who appreciates your honesty. We always thing “oh shit they really said some hurtful shit to me” instead of “dam they really just told me some stuff about myself I didn’t even realize I was doing.” Speak your mind, let your thoughts flow and just be true to yourself. The people you surround yourself with should respect you for not biting your tongue and just being you.


This topic will be referencing a little bit of what I talked about in three of my other topics  (“ Appreciate”, “Friends with no filter” and “Sabotage Part 1”)<–click name to read other topics
We tend to forget the genuine people who really go out of their way for us. Sometimes people complain about individuals who aren’t always straight with them or who don’t treat them right. Instead of opening your eyes and looking at the people closest to you, you shut the right people out. You feel they aren’t good for you because you don’t know what good really feels like.
Sometimes genuine people are thrown into our lives without us even knowing but we tend to think that if we are being treated “good” that it’s a lie. Society has us believing that if you are being treated well that it’s a fairytale and that it’s not real. They sometimes say “genuine people don’t really exist” or that “People don’t really care or do things for you without expecting some form of payment.” Is it possible for anyone to just genuinely want to get to know you and be that good thing in your life?
Genuine people would rather see you smile and make sure you’re okay before checking on themselves. We sometimes give to much value to irrelevant people in our lives without first checking who genuinely cares. People can ask you how life is going but do they genuinely care? If you really know me I’m the type of person that can be so hurt but still look at you and smile. Who will try his hardest to brighten your day, even if I can’t brighten my own. Genuine people are really selfless and before you think everyone is out to swindle you maybe you should evaluate everyone in your life. Think open who is “actually” there and tries there hardest to make sure your okay.

Friends With No Filters

Hey, this topic has been in the works for awhile. I apologize for the delay.

Friends with no filters? Friends with no filters are those people in your life that keep it 100% with you no matter what. Instead of being nice, they tell you exactly what the deal. I feel that we all need these type of people in our lives.

Have you ever been out, see a group of people and that one person in the group who looks totally jacked up? You sit and think to yourself “so you have all those people around you, your so called “friends”, and no one has the strength to tell you to get your ass back in the house and change?” The world is twisted like that. That is why we rely on that one friend with no filter to check us sometimes. Sometimes we have the thought in the back of our minds that we don’t want to hurt someones feelings, but its better to hear it from your friend then a complete stranger. It hurts more if you hear it from a stranger, then you look at your friends and say “why didn’t one of you tell me?”

Everyone needs a friend with with no filter, and I bet half of you can already identify a couple of your friends who verbalize everything. Its better to have those people close to you to give you constructive criticism about everything not just what you wear. Trust me, its better to hear criticism from your close friends then a random stranger.