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Are We Really Friends?

Sometimes I feel that we have to ask this question for the people around us. “Are we really friends?” We have to remember the people that we surround ourselves with, are the people who somewhat reflect what type of person we are. When you surround yourself with a bunch of nobodies, people will consider you a nobody. Lets be honest we judge people on the crowd they surround themselves with, its just human nature

I feel like if I am calling you my friend; that comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s a title I don’t take lightly and I hope no one else does. If you are a friend I feel like you should be able to be direct and talk to me about whatever.  If your “friend” prefers to go on a social network to “subtweet” and/or “write a status about you with out saying your name” they are clearly not your friend. If they rather get the worlds opinion instead of talking to you direct, then that’s a problem.  If we are friends we should be able to discuss anything upfront and resolve any issues we have immediately.

“Are we really friends” if you are easily able to discuss things with people who you just met before talking to me?  “Are we really friends” if you talk about me behind my back instead of directing your issues with me? “Are we really friends” if you prefer using social media as an outlet then coming to me.

We just need to reevaluate “who” we call friends sometimes and people that are in our friend circle. It’s always good to keep your friendships healthy and if someone is holding on by a thread, see what you can do to fix it or just end it. No matter how long you’ve known someone you still have to ask yourself “are we really friends?” Not everyone is for you and those that aren’t need to be removed from your life to make room for personal growth. Those that hang around only want to bring you down and always make you feel negative. So move on with life and always ask yourself, “are we really friends?”

It isn’t what you HEARD it is what you KNOW!!

So we all have been the victims of “I heard” ,“So John Doe did this from what I heard” ,”I don’t know, but I heard” so we normally believe whatever we hear just because we know the person who is telling us is usually a credible source. Do we actually do our research though? Think about it, is what you hear actually what the person that told you heard? Think of it as a game of telephone, you have a row of 10 people and the first person starts a message that has to get to the last person. By the time it gets to the last person it isn’t even that close to what the first person told the second person. This is poor listening skills and people adding their own little twists in the stories or what they supposedly “HEARD.” You have to think about the title again “It isn’t what you HEARD it is what you KNOW” and continue telling yourself that.

I have been put in a couple situations where people are just like, “Kevin I heard that person isn’t good, they always talking about someone behind their back. I heard that they are rude and disrespectful.” Personally, I use to go off of what people “HEARD” but I grew up and made my own decisions. I actually got to know the person and come to find out they didn’t do any of what that person said. They where goal oriented had their life on track and didn’t care about things that were being said. To me you have to come up with the decision on your own, you can’t just go with what people said and decide okay “So and so heard this about that person or group of people I’m just going to listen to them.”

This also applies to groups of people as well, “I heard all you Haitians and Africans are the same, dirty, color blind and straight off the boat.” Before I smack the mess out of you get your facts straight, KNOW what you are talking about before opening your mouth. You can’t generalize on a group of people just because of what you HEARD, hearing one thing and knowing another are two different things in itself.

KNOWing is the key to getting around in the world, actually KNOWing something makes you a smarter individual. If you don’t know, don’t say anything about it pretty much MYOB (one of my previous topics). Jumping to conclusions can sometimes make things go sideways especially if you don’t know exactly what’s up. Next time though, when someone says’s “Oh I heard this about such and such” and don’t actually KNOW what they heard get your OWN facts, be your OWN person and make your OWN decisions

Disclaimer: “I heard” can be something else as well so don’t think I only know of one, there are many. For example, I was at a party and I heard Bob and Sam arguing and trading blows in the next rooms. Someone comes up to me and ask me what happen “Well I heard them arguing about blah blah blah” get it? For the stupid people who can’t read between the lines you’re shit out of luck

Real People Vs Fake People

Today’s topic is Real people Vs Fake people

A fake person is the type of person who is all happy happy joy joy in front of your face one minute and the next minute there talking about you behind your back with someone else. For example, say you work with five people and you have that one person who is a complete bitch in the work environment. You think that she is cool with you and some of the other co-workers but she puts on a front so she can get closer to you, and then pushes you into the bottom of a well. I am a very observant and I tend to notice little things such as, when you are talking with someone and your all cool with them and their helping you out and then you turn around and come to me like “I don’t know why so and so acts this way and that way . . . Ima go tell management.” Are you serious? You’re a good actor but this isn’t movie so I definitely know who not to talk to about anything because you’re just a dishonest & disloyal person.

Fact: Fake people cannot be trusted with important information

A real person you can say is a person who is honest and you would kind of consider your ride or die person. Not saying that real people are not fake sometimes but there just not going to stab you in your back and keep hacking away so you have no more feeling in your back. Real people are usually straight forward, blunt and keep it how it is. Why lie when you can just say what’s on your mind about what needs to be said? An example of this would be you with your peoples, you guys just finished eating something amazing and okay your breathe is a little funky like you say “hi” to someone and they will pass out and real person would have said politely,” Yo your breathe is kind of funky I’m just informing you so you don’t get played by someone or hurt.” That’s a good friend and a real person. A fake person would have literally just let your breathe stink up the whole place and texted their friends like “Yo Kevin breathe is ROCCCKIN right now and this shit is funny watching him walk up to girls and them giving him the mean face.”

Fact: There are no 100 percent real people (I’ve come to realize that now)

The Ugly Friend (Topic Chosen by Munchy)

Why do girls have the ONE ugly friend?

Not ugly in the sense of beauty just ugly in the sense of there personality,how they come off , there attitude towards things.

The ONE ugly friend who stabs you in the back and acts like you guys are suppose to stay friends no matter what
The ONE ugly friend who tells you something isn’t cute on you and then turns around and buys it for themselves
The ONE ugly friend who deceive and lie to you right in front of your face and still want you to be there friends no matter what they say
The ONE ugly friend who manipulates the whole group so she can get her way
The ONE ugly friend who never wants to see anybody happy unless she is happy
The ONE ugly friend who thinks about herself and ONLY herself when it comes to any type of situation
The ONE ugly friend who see’s that your trying to get with a dude that she likes and she will make sure that it never happens.

So Why do you have that ONE ugly friend?

Is it cause she has always been there for you? Bullshit
Is it cause she helps you with different situations? Bullshit
Is it cause she gives you honest opinions about things? Bullshit
Is it cause she tells you the truth about EVERYTHING cause your homegirls? Bullshit
Is it cause she makes you feel better about who you are as a person? BULLLLSHIIITT!

There is no clear cut answer to why females have that ONE ugly friend maybe its because they feel insecure bout something or they just like having that one deceitful person close to them. Just one solution is that they need to get rid of them immediately or it could drastically hurt them in the long run.

Side Effects of Keeping that ONE ugly friend:
Guys approach you less often, Back pains, Constant Headaches, Irregular bleeding from your back, Avoidance by the General Public , Picking up the same Bad Habits and maybe in some cases loss of life

Remember these are just my thoughts on different topics but please ladies lose the Ugly friend ASAP

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