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Bitter Bitches

When I refer to bitter bitches please don’t assume I am referring to females only, I am referring to both male and female. This is a general topic and if you think its about you, just know assumptions never get you anywhere.

Like the topic suggests, I will be touching a little on bitter bitches. Bitter bitches in the sense are people who always try to bring you down if they are not up. People who aren’t happy and need to make sure everyone around them isn’t either. People who will start a problem, when a problem never existed in the first place.
Here is an example of a bitter bitch. Guy best friends both are single living life. Guy1 starts talking to a girl and Guy2 respects that and hopes it works out. Guy1’s girl doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and moves on. Guy1 is sad but part of life. Guy2 starts talking to a girl, but Guy1 isn’t happy with that. So Guy1 becomes a bitter bitch and tries to make sure it doesn’t work because he is not happy. Guy1 says bro’s before hoes. Guy1 tries to make Guy2 feel like either (A) the girl isn’t that attractive and he shouldn’t talk to her or (B) we need more bro time and we cant let a girl interfere, you will have time for a girl later.
A bitter bitch is pretty much a person who isn’t happy and doesn’t want to see you happy either. Its pretty much if I am not happy and positive, no one else around me can be. So they become bitter and try any way to make you just as unhappy as they are or dislike what they don’t like. Bitter Bitch doesn’t have to only apply to relationships but also to other things. Someone could be jealous of you trying to get a new car so they tell you not to get one. They could be a bitter bitch because they feel as though you’re doing a lot with your life and they aren’t doing anything.  
If you have bitter bitches in your circle, maybe its time to tell them. We tend to always bite our tongue instead of speaking our minds but why? We always have people around us that are always negative because something didn’t go their way.  We can’t let other people dictate how we feel and what we do, just because they are bitter. You only drive people away when you become bitter. Sometimes you just want to tell them “Bitch don’t kill my vibe” and move on with life. So learn to get over things and move on, you cant be bitter forever.

Sabotage (Part 2)

            The second part of this topic is basically going to touch on how the people around you can sabotage you. The minute you let someone into your business they will either hurt it and think they are helping or hurt it because they want to hurt it. It’s cool to tell people stuff that is going on in your life but if they aren’t able to keep there opinions, comments and nosy self out of your business then things tend to crumble around you.

             You can say you like someone to one of your friends but maybe your friend likes that person too and makes quick moves to squash that. “Yeah I hear they just like to have sex and keep it moving, they don’t want a relationship.” It could be the littlest thing that could damage something. Once you let people in they, 8 times out of 10, sabotage something good and you end up regretting your moves.

            Friends can sabotage your relationships more then you think. They can always provide you with negative advice that would make you second-guess why you are happy. Not everyone is for you; they will intentionally sabotage you because they don’t want you to be happy. Sabotaging your happiness is what people love to do, so be observant and listen to yourself before you listen to someone else.

Sabotage (Part 1)

Hey hope everyone is enjoying 2012 as it is almost over. Today’s topic I am referencing Wale’s song “Sabotage.” Basically it’s talking about something that is going good but the person sabotages it because they pretty much are not use to it. Also it talks about other people who you let into your relationship that try to destroy it.
First I would like to touch on people who genuinely have someone who want to treat him/her well but they end up destroying it because they are not use to it. They think they are not deserving of what ever is presented to them when in reality they deserve all of what they are getting. I know people who just sabotage the mess out of their relationship because they say, “oh he/she is treating me really well and I feel like I need to start something because this is not real.” Yes people do this and when the person backs off or moves on with life their next statement is, “All guys/girls ain’t shit.” Wait . . . .What?! You are not serious right now because you definitely destroyed something good you had going on.
People think they are “undeserving” and think that if something is going well for them then it shouldn’t be happening at all.  Who gave us this mind frame? Who made us start thinking this? When we start saying “ Yeah I feel like I am undeserving of these things that him/her is doing for me,” you will start to believe it and eventually destroy everything around you. Negative thoughts breed negative results.

It isn’t what you HEARD it is what you KNOW!!

So we all have been the victims of “I heard” ,“So John Doe did this from what I heard” ,”I don’t know, but I heard” so we normally believe whatever we hear just because we know the person who is telling us is usually a credible source. Do we actually do our research though? Think about it, is what you hear actually what the person that told you heard? Think of it as a game of telephone, you have a row of 10 people and the first person starts a message that has to get to the last person. By the time it gets to the last person it isn’t even that close to what the first person told the second person. This is poor listening skills and people adding their own little twists in the stories or what they supposedly “HEARD.” You have to think about the title again “It isn’t what you HEARD it is what you KNOW” and continue telling yourself that.

I have been put in a couple situations where people are just like, “Kevin I heard that person isn’t good, they always talking about someone behind their back. I heard that they are rude and disrespectful.” Personally, I use to go off of what people “HEARD” but I grew up and made my own decisions. I actually got to know the person and come to find out they didn’t do any of what that person said. They where goal oriented had their life on track and didn’t care about things that were being said. To me you have to come up with the decision on your own, you can’t just go with what people said and decide okay “So and so heard this about that person or group of people I’m just going to listen to them.”

This also applies to groups of people as well, “I heard all you Haitians and Africans are the same, dirty, color blind and straight off the boat.” Before I smack the mess out of you get your facts straight, KNOW what you are talking about before opening your mouth. You can’t generalize on a group of people just because of what you HEARD, hearing one thing and knowing another are two different things in itself.

KNOWing is the key to getting around in the world, actually KNOWing something makes you a smarter individual. If you don’t know, don’t say anything about it pretty much MYOB (one of my previous topics). Jumping to conclusions can sometimes make things go sideways especially if you don’t know exactly what’s up. Next time though, when someone says’s “Oh I heard this about such and such” and don’t actually KNOW what they heard get your OWN facts, be your OWN person and make your OWN decisions

Disclaimer: “I heard” can be something else as well so don’t think I only know of one, there are many. For example, I was at a party and I heard Bob and Sam arguing and trading blows in the next rooms. Someone comes up to me and ask me what happen “Well I heard them arguing about blah blah blah” get it? For the stupid people who can’t read between the lines you’re shit out of luck