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No Take Backs

I feel like when people mess up they always want a do over or to take back what they said like it never happened. People never realize that the damage is already done and nothing else can be said or done to fix it. Like if you tell someone you no longer want to be friends with them and then weeks later you say, “I was just playing though, let’s be friends” just because you miss them. People always tend to regret when they make a mistake or a rash decision. You have to remind yourself that once something is said or done the effects can be extremely damaging. The effects can be good as well, if you are the type of person that doesn’t care about the repercussions.
One of my friends was in a situation where her best friend slandered her behind her back, to a random stranger. Like I get that you need to vent sometimes, but why to someone you don’t know? Then she tried to be buddy buddy with her in person. Come to find out the person she was venting to, was a friend of her so called “best friend” and told her what was up. When she was confronted about it, she acted like it didn’t happen. Once things are said you can’t take them back. My advice is to never say things to people you really don’t know. People are all about gossip and drama. Can’t trust everyone in this world.
Another situation I’ve witnessed is when someone asks you out, girlfriend/boyfriend, don’t you assume they are ready for the responsibilities that come with the situation? I feel like that’s a huge commitment you are getting into and you should know once that happens, anything you say or do will be used in a court of law. I know people who get into relationships with the coolest people just to say,”nah I don’t think I am ready for a relationship but we can still be friends though.” Then a couple weeks later regret it and try to come back. No take backs people. Once things are said the WHOLE situation between you and them changes. You can’t say something now, let it settle in and then take it back because you were confused or it was a mistake. What’s done is done. Just saying sorry will not fix the issue or make it go back to how it use to be. I really dislike people when they think just by saying sorry will fix any situation. In this generation we break up with people in the worst ways and don’t realize we can’t take what we did back. It’s out there, too late to recall a message sent. It’s up to us to enforce this “no take back” policy. If you accept the fact that people have come back after doing something harmful to you, they will continue doing it. Nothing is ever okay and you should make them aware of that.
Words and actions can hurt. It’s what we say or do that determines how we will move forward. You are living your life in pen and can’t erase any of the mistakes you have made. 
“Words are like bullets. Once they are out, you can’t control the damage they do.”

Life after College (Part 1)

         Life after college and the depression it brings has to be the truest thing ever said. Let’s be real, when you are in school you have no cares in the world. For some people that is, you have your parents/family taking care of you and a bunch of friends to turn up with. Bills paid, somewhere to rest your head, money when you need it, Sallie Mae not stalking you. You’re not thinking too far into the future and just living for the moment. Once senior year hits, you’re finally hit with reality. What is life after college going to be like? Should I go for another degree? What am I really doing with life?
For some people they have been living the “life after college” struggle while being in college. Some people don’t have the benefits of having parents/family members to help them thru anything. They have been working 2 or 3 jobs to pay tuition and keep food on the table. Some people do have parents/family members to help them but the funds aren’t there. So the hustle for a place in society actually begins while in college and for others right after. We hope that our internship provides us with an opportunity for a full time job, that we get something in our field by the time we graduate or that career services helps place us somewhere that can make us money. The reality of it all is that life after college is when you really become an adult and it sucks for most of us.
Some people are able to fall into their careers right out of college, while others face the struggle of trying to get in the door. One of the main reasons you won’t get hired is “that you don’t have enough experience,” but how will I get the experience if you don’t hire me? This is normally an excuse not to hire you instead of a legit reason. It makes sense doesn’t it? The first 6 months out of college, I applied everywhere and kept getting turned down because I was told that I didn’t have enough experience. My resume fits the position perfectly but I don’t have the proper experience to perform the job tasks. The life after college struggle is real and shouldn’t be ignored.
You also realize that your friend circle becomes smaller. You tend to surround yourself with like-minded people that want to grow or just random nobodies. The people that you use to turn up with, probably still turn up and aren’t doing anything. They might have just moved on from you and found a new group of people to hang out with. Life after college forces you to change into the person you will be for the rest of your life. You can always change that but college is literally the stepping stone into your adult life. The struggle can always set you up for something better, but nothing ever comes easy. Everything you do afterwards is another journey in your life.
 “Yesterday was disappointing and today isn’t better. Remember there’s always a tomorrow, so make it something to look forward to and smile”

Do You Think About Me? / Reciprocation (Topic Chosen By Munchy)


I’ve heard this question a lot as of late. To be honest I feel that you would know if someone was thinking about you at all, right? My thing is I only communicate with people who communicate with me or that cross my mind. A couple of my female friends feel that they have to ask the guy in there life, “do you think about me?” If you have to ask that question then there must be a real problem. I feel that actions speak louder then words and if someone thinks about you then most likely they will stay in contact with you or perform actions where you don’t have to ask that question.
If they are your boyfriend/girlfriend I would assume that it is normal to tell them that you think about him/her a lot. If you are just talking/getting to know each other it could be the same deal depending on how far a long you guys are in your relationship. Just know if you are “talking/getting to know” someone that actions will show you if they are really thinking about you.
Think about this though, are actions always reciprocated?
For some of you that don’t know what reciprocation means, it’s defined as a mutual giving and receiving; a mutual exchange; a return in kind or of like value.  Basically are the actions that are performed reciprocated in a manor where you understand what direction the person wants to go with you? Based on communication, consistencyand reciprocated things you should be able to figure out if you have to ask yourself this question. Instead of asking someone “do you think about me?” you should be asking yourself “has this person been consistent with me? Have they communicated with me clearly? Are things reciprocated?” 
Then you will be able to answer your own question.