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The Ugly Friend (Part 2)

I touched on this topic almost 4 years ago (Part 1) and it has to deal with personality not beauty. I feel that your outer beauty is one piece of the puzzle that defines who you are. Another piece being your personality that you give off to those people around you. I always have an open ear for my friends and whatever we talk about stays between us. Being that I am a guy I have a lot of female friends and they always love to talk. I feel like I am in a reality show sometimes but I am the one who observes, gives support and then gives advice later. Not saying I don’t have male friends but we tend to not go into detail about a lot of things. When we do we really just cut the person off and move on with life. As a guy, do we have that ugly friend? Yes we do.
One of my peoples (lets call him Chris) was dealing with a chick for a little bit (lets call her Karrueche) and they where kicking it very well. A couple months passed and it seems they where getting serious. He finally introduced her to the guys and come to find out she slept with one Chris’s friends before (lets call him Drake). Instead of her coming forward with it she kept it to herself. Even though they weren’t girlfriend/boyfriend I feel like it’s just the principal of the matter.  Say something now because if you say it later it may be worse. Come to find out she was still messing with Drake even though her and Chris where exclusive. So now she is messing with both dudes. One guy looking for an actual relationship and the other that just wants someone around for fun. Long story short Chris found out the hard way. If this isn’t the ugliest situation in life, I don’t know what is. What makes Drake the ugly friend is that him and Chris are boys. They’ve known each other for a long time. Your moral compass should have said something when you where first introduced. He still wanted to be friends afterwards, which is the crazy thing.
What makes someone an ugly person to me, especially an ugly friend is that they aren’t straightforward with you. They preach about not being stabbed in the back but they are the one holding the knife. An ugly friend is someone who doesn’t bite there tongue but tells you what exactly is going on. In a situation like this I feel that if we are “boys” just tell me now, don’t wait until I am all in my feelings and I find out from a fourth party. This makes no sense to me, as guys sometimes we can go back to being friends but for me that’s only if you tell me from the beginning. We do show our guy friends pictures of potential females, just so we make sure no one knows them. This is a little confirmation that we can continue our advancement on her but still if you saw her picture say something. If you are going to have an ugly friend that acts up like that, then are they really your friend?

“As people grow up they realize it becomes less important to have more friends, and more important to have real ones”

Anti-Social Status

Another day, another day, another day!! As we go about each day interacting with people, making new friends and establishing ourselves in the world sometimes we come to realize that there are journey’s in our life we must take. A journey in the sense of establishing who “WE” are as a person after many years of being told what to do by our parents, friends, mentors and random individuals or a journey in the sense of finding/creating who we are as a person. These people trying to mold us into something that we haven’t prepared fully or ventured enough into the UNKNOWN to discovery for ourselves. People who push us to do things we rather not do until we feel that we are at the point, that we have accomplished enough to get to that point. This is where you just want to take a step back from these people and say to yourself “I NEED TO FIND ME!!!” you can’t let anyone find you or create you. This is where the Anti-Social Status kicks in.

As most of my” friends” have noticed for awhile I have been doing my own thing, school, work and that’s pretty much it. People will hit me up like “Kevin you still alive?” or “Why you don’t hit me up anymore?” or “Why you so distant from everyone?”I feel I’ve reached that age where I have to take “MY JOURNEY” and re-evaluate who I interact with and what social groups I affiliate myself with. We all have those people who are cool with you one minute and the next minute they act like they don’t know you, and then come right back when they need something. (I DISPISE THESE PEOPLE LOL) Sometimes you just have to take a stand, no matter if you’re a active person such as myself always wanting to meet people, go out and do this and that, you have to fall back and say to yourself, “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?”, “WHAT DO THEY MEAN TO ME?” Then you will realize not everyone is on your side as you may think. The plus about this “Anti-Social Status” is that you eliminate those who are I-R-R-E-V-E-L-A-N-T from view, which damages your growth and who just want to use you.

People will take notice if a person who is normally everywhere just stops showing up and being involved, “Where is SO and SO at? Their normally at these type of things?” After a couple times people will be like “OKAY something is wrong somebody find out”, these are the people that are REAL and that actually care about your well being, others are just like oh well there missing out and keep it moving. These are kind of the people you want in your life, who actually are there and support you through whatever you are going through. You learn from your experience of disconnecting from the world and from those who don’t matter. I’ve learned a lot I believe, you can’t actually FIND yourself you have to CREATE yourself and push yourself to do the things you want to do. You only live once, so why not live and let live?

It’s a continuous process and I believe that only you can establish who you are as a person. There are those who I continue to stay in contact with through my “Anti-Social Status” because they give me a REASON too. They are there for the crazy talks, discussions, finding out if I’m still alive, wishing me the best with school, life and keep pushing me to be ME (KEVIN PIERRE)!! Love you guys.

Shoutouts to Nandy, Randy, Ketsy, Rich, Jay “MOFO” Hicks, Bryan, Dalmar, B. Pittman, Vic, Alfred, Alison, Quail ,Lena, Allyson, Marie H, Nikki, Tara F. , Munchy! And to the many others who will remain nameless because I know they prob don’t like to be shouted out hahaha

Good Guy Vs Bad Guy Vs Good Girl Vs Bad Girl Part#4

The final topic of this serious Part#4 “What is a Bad Girl?”

Nicole SieversThere are many reasons a girl could be considered “bad”, but to me the ultimate bad girl is a girl who creates drama and problems for no reason. Bad girls are usually the first ones to stab other people in the back, and create situations when they feel all eyes aren’t on them. She is manipulative and conniving, and usually quite the bitch. The “bad girl” usually preys on using a guy for everything he has, whether it be his money or kindness. They will use anything and everything they can to manipulate guys into giving them exactly what they want. They are constantly jealous of every little thing, when its usually them cheating/flirting/talking to other guys. If said bad girl is single, there is a good chance she is trying to steal your boyfriend, just to see if she can. Bad girls will do everything and anything to be number one.

Mario Williams
Bad girls…in my opinion bad girls are those girls who have no good intentions at all, they just pretend to. Bad girls have a tendency to leave scars inside the men they’ve dealt with, especially those men who really cared for them. The bad girls I’ve seen always turn out to be wolves in sheep’s clothing. They play like they’re really sold out for you and within a moment’s time, they mysteriously have a change of heart. Bad girls like this make it hard for good men out there to really trust a woman. That’s why there are a lot of men who dog females. Not to excuse that behavior, but it’s true for a lot of men. Because the fact that men don’t want to feel played, they won’t open up to females and it’s because of the “bad girls” out there.

Jose ChanquinA girl you don’t want to be in a relationship with …… a girl who can’t hold her own like is dependant of someone else and seems like she has no future ahead of her doesn’t work or doesn’t go to school …she has to be mature right from the beginning if she likes to argue for no random reason, a girl who is confident about what she got and won’t be doubting you and questioning you with every phone call and every text message, she has to know you don’t only have guyfriends there are also female friends and she understands that, she knows that you both have lives so it means she can go out with her friends and you hang out with your friends no discussion.

Remember these are just opinions and thoughts of others so don’t feel some type of way about “other” peoples opinions. Everyone has there own definitions of what they think a bad girl is because we all have experienced something different. Whenever you are faced with “Good Guy, Good Girl,Bad Guy or Good Girl” just relax take a deep breathe and do what you feel is right.

Tomorrow’s Topic: “I like you. Oh thats kool I like you as a friend too” WTF?! (Why is it bad to have a crush/like someone)

Good Guy Vs Bad Guy Vs Good Girl Vs Bad Girl Part#3

Part #3 of our topic is “What is a BAD GUY?” as we compare all of these remember these are only peoples opinions do not get offended or feel any type of way if somebody is describing you.

Kevin Pierre
A bad guy is many things

Usually a person who doesn’t cherish the great people he has around him. That person who isn’t there when you need him to be for support. Bad Guy is the type to be in a relationship and always playing games like he isn’t in a relationship. He always wants someone else when possibly he has the best person that god could offer him. Sometimes Bad Guys are Good Guys in disguise and they say there good when your getting to know them but there WHOLE mentality changes once they know they got you hooked to them so they abuse your kindness for weakness. Most times females can’t get away from the Bad Guy cause there so attracted to them just because they have that “I don’t give a fuck persona” about them and some females are attracted to that no matter the consequence. I have seen it enough where Good Girls get fucked over by BAD guys and the chick still wants to be there through the pain and everything cause they like the person. Bad Guys usually cause pain and don’t care bout your feelings at all, there just doing them.

Marie Hinds
Many things make up a bad guy, but a bad guy exhibits three main
qualities that make him a “bad” guy.

First: Over confidence
Confidence is like a magnet that attracts people. Yes
confidence is amazing but when you cannot see your own flaws it become
an issue. When you cannot see your own flaws, you do not work on them,
nor do you attempt to improve on them.

Second: Selfishness
A selfish guy never appreciates the things done for him.
He is selfish in love, making love and giving. He always takes from
those who are willing to give to him and sees nothing wrong of that.
All about him, all the time because well he is first and foremost a
gift [back to the over confidence], and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t
be catered to.

Third: Unapologetic
A bad guy does not apologize for the things he has done
wrong. And that is just trouble

I honestly can only think of guys who have been bad in the past and
what actions have caused me t say they are “bad.” Hope this makes sense


One attribute of “the bad guy” is that he purposely does the wrong thing- he just does not care about anyone but himself. He also boasts of his “bad ass” ways to anyone who will listen.

FINAL topic of this serious is “WHAT IS A BAD GIRL?” if you want to input on what this is email me

Plz leave a comment =)