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Can You Be Human? (2)

Playing off the topic I wrote back in 2017, I felt this would happen. The fact that people don’t realize we are all just the same, human, is beyond me. As humans, do you think everyone should be afforded the same rights? As humans, do you think that we all should be treated the same? If you agree with these statements but proceed to treat another human as trash because of the color of their skin, you’re the problem. 

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Technology in 2020

I feel that we have all these forms of technology for information gathering and people just lack the skills to gather information. I remember when I was told I couldn’t use the internet, had to go to the library and provide a work cited page for all my papers. So research comes to me pretty simple as I know how to find out if information is true or not but I still feel like people don’t even have these basic skills. Even if you don’t go to the library you have a million ways to cite information nowadays from credible sources, so I just find that lack of effort just pure laziness.

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The perspective of others can sometimes hurt what you see. No one ever understands entirely how you feel and whatever you are going thru. A similar situation may have happened but doesn’t mean they know how you feel as a person. I’ve had people try to tell me how I feel and why I do things the way I do them because they’ve been in a similar place but that’s not the case. Our perspectives are different, how I feel is different, how I act is different and no one behaves the same.

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I think as we get older our tolerance for certain things just dwindles. You can only tolerate things for so long before you are just like, “fuck it all, I don’t care.” I think this also has to deal with the things that are happening in your life. The good, the bad and the ugly things that are happening, can determine your tolerance for certain things you are willing to accept. My main thing is making sure you don’t fall off your own ship trying to tolerate everything going on around you. Continue reading