My Head Hurts

I’ve talked about this a number of times but the fact that overthinking situations can ruin your current mood, makes my head hurt so much. Your mind starts playing tricks with you and it’s never anything good, it’s always something negative. When you start thinking, you can easily get lost in your thoughts and that starts to dig the deepest hole that you weren’t expecting to be in. You self-sabotage yourself when you overthink any situation as it relates to work, friendships, relationships, family and life in general.

I feel like you make things worse for yourself and that’s not what you want. I always try to stop myself from overthinking situations because I have such a creative mind that it will do backflips, frontflips and fall in a deep hole to make sure the outcome is negative. I watch so many movies and shows, that I hope the outcome isn’t something outlandish. I replay everything in my head that got me to this point and hope that it doesn’t play out like the way I just thought about it. My anxiety builds up and I need to either go for a walk or go do some meditation. Meditating has helped me a lot with overcoming my anxiety and so has just going on random walks. Going for a nice 15+ minute walk, listening to music or just randomly talking with someone while on this walk helps a lot. Need to clear your head and try to center yourself.

Why am I thinking this way? Why am I doing this? Why is my mind over-stimulated? Why can’t I just see it one way and not the other? Why does it always come back to being something negative? Those tend to be the questions you ask yourself at times but is it just human behavior to overthink every situation? I think it’s just human behavior to overthink a situation. In my opinion, it’s always good to get some type of reassurance that your overthinking isn’t just you. Ask the right questions and communicate to the right parties how you feel. If it’s a job, a relationship, a friendship or just something in general. If you are able to communicate and figure out the issues then that overthinking can go away. In my case, I need to verify a couple times before my brain calms down. 

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