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Fall For Your Type

I really had to reference Jamie Foxx for this topic, because every time I hear this song my thoughts go into a random trance and just started writing. Falling for the type of person that consumes your mind and makes you happy sometimes is a bad thing. Especially if you KNOW that something bad will come out of it. The whole thing about falling for your type is that you just have to live life and go with the flow. You don’t even know what your type is until you actually meet them. You may say that you want someone 5’5, brown eyes, thick thighs, college educated but 9 times out of 10 you will find something that isn’t what you had on your list.

You always have that mindset that, whatever person is presented to you that if they have these particular qualities about them then they are not your type. The next question is what if they fit some of the stuff on your checklist but not others? Do you just keep it moving or go with the flow? The best and most wonderful people you meet in your life are those you meet on some random stuff. Sitting there searching for your type of person will lead to failure upon failure upon failure. Live life, get out of your norm, experience something with somebody who isn’t your type and see where it goes. You never know unless you give it a try.

Just Talking Versus Getting To Know Someone Is There a Difference?

HEY HEY HEY!!! Here we go again!! Something for you guys to think about when meeting new people. When I meet new people and there really feeling me blah blah blah and I am feeling the same way they immediately start off in the “Getting to know them” category. You can say you are “talking to them” but you have to understand “talking” versus “getting to know” is understood DIFFERENTLY by a lot of people.

Some people assume that if you are “talking” to someone that you are trying to get with them, sometimes that may be the case but others times it’s not. Others think as “talking” as “getting to know” someone and there at the beginning stages of a friendship.

For Example: If one of my friends asked me “Hey Kevin how are you and Kelly doing?” “We are good, we are just talking.” How would you take this statement?
A) Talking

B) Getting to know
Next example, “Hey Kevin how are you and Kelly doing?” “We are good, just getting to know her”
A) Talking

B) Getting to know

Just think about the word and think about how it’s being used, it could be any answer if you want it to be but you have to understand PEOPLE understand the phrases differently. Talking could mean trying to get with, getting to know or whatever you want it to be, so can getting to know. THINK ABOUT IT!!! Is there really a difference to talking and getting to know someone?

Jamel V.

The age old battle of relationships continues, this time taking a perspective on how people actually get to know each other.

What is the difference between talking and getting to know somebody? Is it one in the same or two completely different animals that spawn different results?

I recently dated a girl that had an issue with the way I was talking to her. I wasn’t disrespectful or condescending to her in any way, but she was mad because I wasn’t talking to her in a way to become her boyfriend.

I immediately grabbed two fish and five loaves and spent a long time figuring out what she meant when she said that. Ironically, this was the first girl that I had really been opening up to, and we ran the gauntlet on everything, which is something I don’t normally do. I guess as much as I was TALKING to her, I was GETTING TO KNOW HER more than anything else. Go figure.

I’ve come to determine that talking and getting to know somebody are one in the same. There really isn’t a difference, except having a mutual understanding of the possibility of something serious happening. This is truly where people begin to lack.

Without talking, you can’t get to know somebody. I guess talking is more extreme than getting to know somebody because it involves more actions of a physical nature, and that doesn’t include sex, necessarily.

I guess the other main difference has to do with the spark. You have to have attraction, desire, and all that other stuff to develop the talking and getting to know someone.

They are two completely different things so don’t get it twisted! First and foremost, getting to know someone is what it is. It’s the beginning stage… That’s when you ask the other person all these little questions like, “What’s your favorite color?” or “Where you from?” the small questions to try and get to know them. This is when you are figuring out if you actually want to ‘talk’ to this person or not. It’s also how they approach you, well in my point of view, I look to see how often he texts me, if he calls me and how interested he seems to be when he does hit me up. It looks so analyzed but that’s how I break it down and decide if I actually want to talk to the person. So if they sound too thirsty, then I don’t choose to move on any further but if you somewhat thirsty but somewhat quenched then you’re in good standings with me. This is when I usually decide to talk to the dude. Now explaining this getting to know someone and talking is somewhat blurred but you usually can tell when you are ‘talking’ to someone. Because talking is more when you already know the small details about them, you talk via text/phone on a daily basis and ya’ll are already hanging out. But don’t get it twisted, if your ‘hanging out’ is messing around theennn ya’ll are NOT talking, ya’ll are just friends with benefits, or just plain fuck buddies but that’s a whole other topic! So all in all, getting to know someone is when you are feeling them out to see if they are interesting enough to ‘talk’ to. It usually leads into talking but people just never notice. So both ARE different things!

Taking Risks:Crushing 101

When it comes to crushing on someone best thing to do is just TELL THEM! no matter the consequences. Taking risks when crushing on someone has to be the best and most healthiest thing you can do for yourself. Who cares if they don’t like you or if they blow you off, at least you told them and are finally able to move on with life with out that extra weight on your shoulder.

Crushing is similar to liking someone sooooo if your willing to take the risk just do a “Jersey Fist Pump” and walk up to the person and say whats on your chest. Holding back and being shy will not get you anywhere. You always meet those people that always say “I had a crush on you back in the day but was scared to tell you” or “I got something to tell you but your with somebody right now so ill tell you at another time.” Seriously? C’mon son we gotta live in the “NOW” because tomorrow is never promised, you only live once. You might get turned down by 7 or 10 people but there is that 1 person waiting out there for you to just tell them how they feel.

Follow these steps and you will be successful in passing this class:

1. Drink some soda to calm your nerves
2. Find a fist pump song and get at least 3-4 fist pumps out to get hype
3. Just be upfront with the person(don’t spill your soul out but be direct)

If you get shot down . . .more fish in the sea maybe it wasn’t meant to be. If you don’t get shot down, I have 2 dollars for you to go out on a nice date and buy some chips and juice YOUR A WINNER!!

“I like you. Oh thats kool I like you as a friend too” WTF?!

Why is it bad to have a crush/like someone?

Have you ever been in one of those situations when you are feeling someone and your just telling yourself “I’m going to tell them how i feel” but when you do the whole thing blows up in your face? It happens to everyone don’t act like it doesn’t, you tell someone you like them and you get one of these responses:

1.I like you as a friend too
2.Awkward Silence
3.I’m not looking for anything serious right now
4.I’m not interested
5.Thanks for telling me
6.They completely change the subject

When you have a crush/like someone you’ll just start thinking bout them at random times of the day and when you see them sometimes you get tongue tied or just don’t know the right words to say to them (i know that happens to me). Bad thing about having a crush/liking someone is that sometimes they only see you as a friend and nothing more. 9 times out of 10 your the one getting hurt from telling them how you feel. 9 times out of 10 not telling them is just saving you from being burned by someone who may not deserve you at all.

You build up a crush for someone when your getting to know them. I’m not going to front I’ve gotten attached to people “I KNEW” where going to be like “Kevin your the best guy friend I have” or ” I’m not looking for anything serious right now.” This is where the “FRIENDCARD” gets thrown in ALLLLLLL the time. Especially if your crushing hard on someone and they notice and say something like :

1. I think your one of my coolest guy/girl Friend
2. I look at you like my little brother/little sister

Why is it bad to have a crush/like someone? Well . . .cause you usually never win and if you do win your that 1 out of 10 that does, I’m happy for you congratulations. Here is free complementary cookie =) have a nice day

Tomorrow’s Topic: “Taking Risks:Crushing 101”