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King Bey & The BeyHIVE

All Hail to King Bey and the BeyHIVE. I don’t think people understand the loyalty and the power that Beyonce and her fans have. The BeyHIVE can clearly end the hopes, dreams and careers of the people that try to attack King Bey. I don’t know why people haven’t realized you can’t just talk shit about Beyonce and hope that everything will be okay. NO NO NO, your life is no longer safe the BeyHIVE will sting you hard. 
Okay lets stat some of the facts before we begin. Beyonce is/was (however you want to call it) part of Destiny Child, one of the greatest female trios of all time. You will always hear a Destiny Child song somewhere with Beyonce leading the vocals. Next, she has won over 40+ awards including Grammys, AMA, Billboard awards, World Music awards and even an Emmy for her Super Bowl Performance. Her net worth is estimated to be at $450+ million and growing. She has multiple ventures including endorsements, fashion lines and philanthropy that she is involved in globally.
Now let’s get into this topic, just wanted those who are not aware of her success to know why she has such loyal fans. She makes music that people can relate to and is very influential. She is an influential human being, not woman, but human being. If you can’t enjoy the way she lives her life and the music she plays for the people, please go walk into the nearest wall. As a guy I have my moments when a Beyonce joint comes on and I’m like “this shit pops right here.” SIDE NOTE: Guy code thing to do though if you’re in a car with a bunch of other guys change the song ASAP. I think one of my favorite Beyonce songs so far is 7/11, only because this sounds like the best sex song in life. Think about the words before you debate me on this.
Shoulders sideways, smack it, smack it in the air – Translation (while she turned staring at you smack that ass in the air)
Legs movin’ side to side, smack it in the air – Translation (open her legs while you smack that ass some more in the air)
Legs movin side to side, smack you in the air – Translation (them legs not open enough smack that ass some more in the air)
This is only the first 3 lines of the intro I could continue but back to the topic. Another song I really like from her is off her Dangerously in Love album was a song she did with Luthor Vandross called “The Closer I Get to You.” It’s like she was meant to sing this song with him. I am just saying you can be male and female and love the mess out of her songs. When you feel someone talking about her you will attack them just because you feel that’s your family. Like, “Don’t talk about King Bey for I hurt you.” No matter who your favorite artists are Beyonce is probably the only one you will fight the hardest to defend.
1st person we will discuss is Draya Michele from Basketball wives. She said the below comment about King Bey, then ended up deleting her twitter for a while. I would understand if you’re a regular person talking shit but if you are famous and have a bunch of followers why would you even say anything? 
2nd person most recent Kid Rock questioning King Bey’s greatness. Like why you mad though? You’ve been out longer and your much older, so your mad? I get it bro, you will be all right. 
To quickly name a few,
Raven Symone – Deleted her IG, didn’t check to see if she had a new one.
Keyshia Cole – Talking about Beyonce’s song “Bow Down”
Keri Hilson – Also taking shots at Beyonce’s song “Bow Down”

Karrueche Tran – For talking about Blue Ivy’s hair
Bill O”Reilly – Talking about Beyonce’s “Partition” video
I feel like if you are going to come for King Bey make sure your team is somewhat loyal to you because King Bey will let the BeyHIVE do the work. They are known to end careers and destroy homes. I would have to say Beyonce has the most loyal fans that any person can have. That’s the only way to get through in the industry that she is in. Is to be loyal to your fans and have them be loyal to you. Shout out to the loyal members of the BeyHIVE.
“I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” Beyonce Knowles


The stateor qualityof being loyal; faithfulness to commitmentsor obligations.

loyalty. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved June 02, 2013, from website:

After defining our topic, lets get into what exactly loyalty is. People always bring up loyalty when you are not able to do something for them or you do something with another friend. Why is it when something doesn’t go our way we question’s someone’s loyalty? Should we already know where other people’s loyalties lie? Should we know where our loyalties already lie? I feel that loyalty goes hand in hand when creating “circles” or “friend circles”. You should be able to establish certain things and know if someone really has loyalty for you. You will never know immediately because everything takes time. Loyalty is something that takes time and is earned. People think just cause you are friends that loyalty has been established, in most cases yes, other cases no. Don’t ever think (or assume) that just because you’ve known someone for some time they have loyalty for you. As humans we are all the same, but different when it comes to loyalty for others.

One way loyalty is tested is when 2 of your friends are no longer friends and they both don’t want you to hang out with the other person. This happens a lot and in some cases it damages a lot of friendships. Even though one person thinks you should have more loyalty to them then the other person ultimately its your decision. No one should tell you where your loyalty should be placed. Other times they will hold something over your head like “oh remember that time your car broke down and I came to pick you up?” When people start to hold things over your head like this, is when you really have to take a step back and think about your friendshiprelationship with that individual. If you have to hold something over my head to make me pick sides, I won’t and I’ll question your friendship for bringing things up from the past.

What sets some people apart is the loyalty they have for others. People that know that no matter what they can depend on you because of your loyalty. You always have to appreciate those people who have loyalty for you. Never take loyalty for granted and cherish those people who drop whatever they are doing to be a good person for you.
“One of the things that makes me who I am is the loyalty I have to people I hold close to my heart”

Would you allow your significant other go through your phone unrestricted??

This topic I let sit around for awhile because it is one of those questions you have to ask yourself when you get into a serious relationship with someone. Would you allow your significant other to go through your phone unrestricted? Well would you? I’ve received 80% of my responses through, text messages, twitter and facebook and the verdict is YES. Why yes you ask it’s because if you built up that trust then what do you have to hide since you guys are serious about each other. Of course everyone needs their privacy but at one point in the relationship you give up your privacy because of the trust that you have built up.
For those who said NO their reason was that it’s your personal business of what is going on, on their phone not their significant others. If they trust you then they should know that you’re not doing anything behind their back. 
The next thing that comes in to play is trust . . . do you trust the person enough that you don’t have to go through their phone? Trust is the building block of relationships, if trust is lost then more arguments tend to erupt over nothing, stress may buildup, self esteem is lost, or the relationship just ends. 
Next time you are with your significant other think to yourself “Would I let you go through my phone?” Is there a trust issue or is it just because it’s your privacy you are trying to keep?

Standards in Relationships

As we continue our topic on having standards . . .today’s topic refers to standards in relationships. So i got some friends to express there thoughts on standards in relationships.

Kevin Pierre
I believe that when it comes to standards you “MUST” think about them before you venture off into the world. Especially when it comes to relationships, people complain about being hurt and this and that but that just means you have to up your standards a bit more just to get that right thing that fits you. It’s like when you’re making Cherry koolaid, it taste okay at first and then after it gets a little bitter and it stops having that buzz that you like. So you update your taste buds to some Grape koolaid, then this has you good for awhile and then loses its appeal to you, so you update to something else. Standards is having something that fits you, that appeals to you and meets your requirements not just “SETTLING” for anything. I was told by my friend “Never just settle for anything” if you just settle that means you don’t care what you let in your life and if that happens you just get hurt.You can’t just “PICK” someone just because there 5’5, brown eyes, thick thighs and a beautiful smile. It has to go deeper then the norm of outer appearance and certain things the person can do for you.

Of course once in a blue I’ll have my friends give there opinions on my topics there opinions i trust and pretty much feel the same way so why repeat the samething twice? lol so . . . .

Munchy Today, people are getting into relationships without setting any standards or boundaries. Although, one may ask,”What are some standards in a relationship?” Personally I think that those standards reflect on the ones you look for in a man/woman.

(My theory)I’m a very observant kind of gal and I believe that If date a man who is completely disrespectful to his mother, nine times out of ten he will not have any respect for you.

2.) Double-Standard
Don’t implement any rules that you know you WILL NOT follow. *pet peave* Fellas/ladies– If you know you are a flirt don’t tell your partner not to if you are not willing to change and abide by YOUR own rule.

3.) Education
I value education, so it’s extremely important to me! A man that can speak for himself and teach YOU something is a beautiful thing ladies (without insulting your intelligence, of course). In life you are constantly learning, so why not learn more about the opposite sex?

We all need someone who will be faithful to commitments and obligations. I want to know that the person I’m dating always has my back whether it is a with small helpful deed or to be there for me emotionally (e.g. advise, tot lend a ear, shoulder to cry on,etc). They are not just focused on YOU, but also on the GROWTH of the relationship itself.

Andre F.There are a few things that I hold dear when it comes to someone that I date. It has changed as I have gotten older and value women much more so now.

I value intellect. There is nothing more appealing to me than a woman who can go punch for punch with me on any and every issue that we talk about. When a woman possess this quality, i feel we always have something to talk about and if we always have something to talk about we in turn are willing to tell each other everything. Communication is key!

I value self-respect. Any girl that has self-respect for herself can surely be a potential wifey for me. Its a lot of whores running around today and I don’t like that.

I value women who understand traditional roles but wont succumb to them just because a man tells them to do so. Girls who can cook, clean, do it all. Your 5-star chick basically. These women are become more and more rare.

I value looks. I am not shallow but I like for my shorty to compliment me in the looks department.

I also value a women who is god-fearing! For she and I to have a good relationship, we both have to have a strong relationship with GOD.

Those are the main ingredients. These are are things I value when I get serious with a chick.