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The Option (Part 2)

The 2nd part of this blog is basically going to touch on being the option to somebody.

Sometimes we never realize when we are the option to someone until its to late and they have used us up and thrown us to the side. Sometimes we fail to take all the signs into consideration that we are the option to somebody when we have made them our priority. We haven’t learned enough or experienced enough to know the signs when we are being used and being 2nd best to someone else.

What do you do when you find out you’re the option to somebody? You can either 1. Tell them how you feel about it 2. Consider being the option or 3. Fall back from them entirely. If you know your worth then you know that you shouldn’t be someone options, or side piece. If they want to make you their option number 2 maybe its time for you to get up and reevaluate why your still around them.

“Never make someone your priority when your only there option”

The Option (Part 1)

I know that everyone has experienced of either being an option or having options. This topic will just touch on having options in your life. 

Sometimes when people go through certain things in their lives they always want to have a backup plan. For example, Job number 1 is not providing enough money guess I am gonna go to job number 2 and see if that offers me more. This is called having an option. When it comes to relationships and people in general some people think it’s good to have options, while others hate to be considered an option. This topic basically will touch on having options while part 2 will touch on being an option.

I feel that everyone starts to develop the tendency of having options when something bad happens to them in a relationship or someone used them as an option. Better to be safe than sorry right? Why not have a bunch of options just in case option numbers 1-3 can’t meet up or do what you want them to. At least you got option number 4 right? Some people feel as though having back up plans is great but what happens when options get attached? Or start playing the “Claim Game”? (Refer to Nov 5, 2010 topic if you don’t know what the “Claim Game” is) What is the next step for you?

Most times when options get attached, first step is usually to cut them off especially if you’re not feeling the same way. Saves you from drama and problems, but what if you start getting feelings for an option then what’s the next step? Do you see where it goes and drop your other options? Do you stop playing games and get serious? Only you will know. We actually live in a day an age where people have many options and are not tied down to one person. Everyone is trying to enjoy their lives with as many experiences as possible. Think about it though, if you get attached to an option and they get attached to you, maybe it’s time to give up the games and see what might happen.

The Open Relationship

Hey everyone sorry for the long wait but conflicting thoughts and topics that I’ve been working on just need more information and detail in them. Anyway, this topic I want to talk about is open relationships. Why would anyone want to be in an open relationship confuses me, you should just be single and call it a day but whatever floats your boat.

Being in an open relationship is really like telling the other person that you want to be just friends with benefits. Some people that I know in open relationships don’t even want the title (boyfriend/girlfriend) they just tell other people around them, that they are just friends. So it’s really confusing and I have been trying to comprehend why ANYONE would want to be in an open relationship.
One of the main reasons I came across was that people like to have that one person they could run back to if anything goes wrong. They want companionship but still want to be free to do anything. Open relationship to me is like an in-between spot, saying “I like them but I don’t like them.” So instead of calling each other “fuck buddies” the new modern age term for it is “open relationship”. I would say it does sound better but eventually something happens when it is no longer considered an “Open Relationship”.

Just be single and do what you want, you don’t have to be in an “open relationship” to have that one person you can always run back to.


Commitment [kuh-mit-muht] noun. 1. The act of committing 2. The state of being committed 3. The act of committing, pledging, or engaging oneself 4. A pledge or promise
Is it me or is everyone afraid to hear this word? People are afraid to be committed to anything anymore, whether it is friends, family, projects, school, girlfriend, boyfriend etc. As I was reading one of my brothers passage’s from his book, The Love of Poem: Vol 1, it inspired me to write this part of my blog talking about it. The passage stats, “Commitment causes everyone to feel special and adored, Gives a person with no desire a reason to fight for.” For those who are open minded really read that and you will understand it. It took my sister 2 hours before she really understood that but, why are people afraid of commitment?
The fear of being committed to someone or something is just that people don’t like being tied down. They feel if they are committed then they will have to be tied down under lock and key and can’t do anything that they want. This is the major concern of a lot of people. They want to be able to do THEM without restrictions or limitations. This is the most common reason people are afraid of commitment and why they think they don’t need to commit to anything.
The beautiful thing about commitment though is that you feel that you are about to start the greatest journey in the world. That nothing in the universe can stop you and that you don’t need to answer WHY you did something to a million people. It really gives you a reason to push forward and make something worth it. “I know why I committed to this and I am ecstatic I did it.” When committing to something, think about the positive aspects of it and not so much the negative. I bet you 9 times out of 10 that the positive outweighs the negative.
Live. Laugh. Love

The Love of Poem: Vol I (By Desmond Baker)