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Self Healing and Reflection

I like to touch on this often because with everything going on today, I feel we don’t do enough self healing and reflection. It’s not only designed for a specific group of people but we can all benefit from it. Make sure we are doing good mentally and physically. When was the last time you actually sat down, relaxed and made sure that you felt good about where you are in life? Last time you checked to make sure you weren’t stressed with what’s going on around you? This should be a regular thing, just checking up on you as a person. Stop, sit down and take a break. Are you good? How are you feeling?

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I think that a lot of us don’t know how to be alone. The fact that with a pandemic happening that people don’t know how to just sit down and stop moving tells you that. With the coronavirus happening and governments just shutting down everything to stop the spread of the virus people have taken it upon themselves to not listen. Not listen as far as not being outside and interacting with people, unless absolutely required. Be alone and appreciate your time to just be in your space. 

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What Is Your Escape (Part 2)

Re-touching on this topic because having a conversation with a combat veteran made me realize that sometimes finding your space takes time but when you do find it you feel at peace. A lot of my year has been focused on re-centering myself and refocusing my energy on me. Things that aren’t meant for me won’t stay but those things that are will just stick around. I’ve dipped and dived into many hobbies to find out what can help me stay afloat, while not trying to drown at the same time. For me it has been writing my most recent book and playing airsoft. Continue reading

What Is Your Escape?

What is your escape? I would consider an escape a place or something you do to get away from the world. We all need “our” own time to escape. Like those hobbies you get lost in to clear your mind and that keep you level. Where it is painting, writing, creating, meditating or just living. Your escape should be something you don’t care if people judge you about. It’s something you like, it helps you clear your head and gets you away from those negative/stressful things around you. Continue reading