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Monthly Feature: Under 40 & Changing The Game (7)



Who is…?
My name is Malcolm Coley, and I am from Salem, New Jersey, for the most part everyone just calls me my name.

What has contributed to your personal growth?
Over these past like 5 to 6 years of my personal development and growth, I would have to say that my dad, John Coley has opened my eyes to a lot of things. My pastor Silvester Beaman has played a integral role in helping me to see things more clear. I follow Gary vee and watching him has helped me to stay motivated. Two guys that I hold in very high esteem, Newdy Felton and Travis Smith have guided me through path that I’m walking, which is helping me transition to a higher level.
In the next 5 years where do you see yourself going?
Where I see myself going in the next 5 years is loaded, simply because I see so many things being accomplished from now until then as long as I’m here on this earth. I’ll say that I see myself being able to bring more value at a larger scale to the people around me and that can be done in so many ways.
What are the 3 images that best describe your growth?

What message would you like to provide those people who have hit a road block with their personal growth?
Whenever you have a road block, I just take a look in the mirror and I literally tell myself, today could be my last day on earth and time waits for no man. Also, take yourself to a place where you found the greatest comfort, because you will find the greatest growth. Keeping these few concepts in mind while you are traveling your journey can easily help you to push through.
How would you like to be remembered?
I honestly would like to be remembered for being able to provide value for those around me. I think a legacy or servitude within my expertise will carry my name years after I am no longer here.
What are your current ventures?
My current ventures: I have a natural hair organization that focuses on locs, called LocNationTheMovement (@LocNationTM on IG, LocNationTheMovement on FB and I created a marketing company with a few friends of mine called “The Influencers Lab,” in which we are a digital media marketing company that focuses on social media marketing, online and offline branding. Our marketing company has a parent company called ACT generation that is a adult school approved by the Delaware department of Education and Technology company. We have a digital tv network similar to netflix, that gives people a platform to showcase their content. I’m also working on a natural product line.
Additional information about Malcolm
Just a little about myself, I have a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Seton Hall University. I am a member of the greatest fraternity in the world Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. I have a beautiful daughter who will be nine years old soon. I am also a trustee at Bethel AME church in Wilmington, Delaware.
I can be followed on FB,SC,IG and Twitter @MalcolmLocs.

Monthly Feature: Under 40 & Changing The Game (8)

Who is (Name/Nickname)?
Chef Ivana Smith, MPH is an exemplary chef, event specialist, & CEO/Founder of Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC, a full-service catering & event planning company in Los Angeles, CA.

What has contributed to your personal growth?
Hardships of every kind have been the greatest contributors to my personal growth. At a period in my life when I was under a great deal of stress, I became very ill physically, and it was my first real wake-up call that life is something to be cherished, and living a life devoid of passion and meaning was a life that I wanted no part of. I made really significant decisions that made me really uncomfortable and disrupted the stability that I worked so hard to create for myself as a young adult, including ending a long-term relationship, dealing with physical illness, and giving up lucrative and reputable employment opportunities to follow my passion of focusing full-time on opening a catering and event planning company, although that had NO guarantees of real success or becoming anything I could rely on financially. These experiences really helped me stretch and grow as a person, removing toxic people and places from my life that challenged my happiness, personal growth, or professional endeavors. For lack of a better expression, it really helped me grow a backbone and a spine, as I’ve shaken off much of my passivity as I’ve learned to assert myself and defend my happiness. I’m grateful for the hardships I’ve endured as I’ve grown as a person because they’ve humbled me and taught me that life is something to be lived with passion and zest, and I don’t have to tolerate anything less than that.
In the next 5 years where do you see yourself going?
In the next 5 years, I envision Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC as a well-established, family-oriented, catering and event planning company in the Los Angeles community, known primarily for outstanding aesthetic presentation, delicious food, & unmatched client satisfaction. As a private chef, I hope to travel across the U.S. and internationally, bringing quality hospitality experiences to various cities and communities, hosting private catered social events, & providing event planning consultation services to hospitality, music, & entertainment professionals.

What are the 3 images that best describe your growth?
What message would you like to provide those people who have hit a road block with their personal growth?
When I felt really down and unsure of what move to make next in life, I would think of the Bible scripture Psalm 30:5 that states that “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” It reminds me that storms don’t last forever and this storm that I’m in will also pass. You naturally feel happier in the morning when you see the sunlight creep in through your window, hear birds chirping, and wake up in a bed that’s warm. That’s all a blessing, and I remind myself of that when I feel stagnant. This experience is preparing you for your ultimate “Glow-Up Season,”  because hardships aren’t given to people who are not supposed to do meaningful work during their lifetimes.
How would you like to be remembered?
I would like to be remembered as a genuine, passionate, and authentic person who brought joy to others through service, love, and laughter in everything I did and every avenue I pursued in life.
What are your current ventures?
Currently, I’m working on building the Dainty Delights by Ivana brand and increasing the notoriety of the Dainty Delights within Los Angeles and online. We have some exciting projects in the works and will be getting our Youtube Channel up soon, featuring new and past content of events we’ve coordinated in the past, cooking demonstrations, and much more! You can follow Dainty Delights by Ivana and our journey to spread love & positivity through quality culinary & event experiences at, IG: @daintydelightsbyivana, and FB: Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC. 
Additional information about Ivana
Fun Facts!
I earned a BA from UC Berkeley & Master’s in Public Health from UCLA prior to opening Dainty Delights by Ivana LLC
My parents are from Panama and taught me strong values of family, education, and great hospitality growing up in their household
I enjoy dancing, reading, listening to R& B & hip-hop music, & spending time laughing with loved ones in my spare time
Prior to becoming a full-time chef & event specialist, I worked for several years in HIV/AIDS research with incarcerated men and transgender women
I’m a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

Monthly Feature: Under 40 & Changing The Game (6)




Who is…?
Nelle Rose is a Singer/Songwriter who was born in Mount Vernon, NY and raised in Freehold, NJ. With her family hailing from Jamaica in the 1980s, they instilled in her the value of education, hard work, and the importance of obtaining a skill. At the tender age of five, under the direction of her mother, she began her musical journey by singing in the church choir. Influenced by the likes of Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill, and more, she set out to add her name to a group of artists who march to the beat of their own drums. She integrates mystique and raw emotions into her music and stage performances. She plans to continue to build momentum for her livelihood, let her authenticity capture her audiences, and follow the advice of living in the moment. She has adopted a “now or never” mindset: living to fulfill her purpose of touching the world with her gift.
What has contributed to your personal growth?
My journey has been an interesting one, to say the least. I came from a wholesome upbringing with two strict West-Indian, religious educators as parents. They wanted nothing more than for my brother and I to have everything that they didn’t have growing up: the American dream. We were pushed to participate in sports, learn instruments, and become active in our schools and churches. We both were sent to attend college at Rutgers University and graduate with degrees. Although we were expected to obtain typical jobs, the love of music could not seem to leave us because it is in our blood. 
My older brother, Akene “The Champ” Dunkley, graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and decided to pursue music full-time as a pianist and producer. I graduated with a double major in Psychology and Africana Studies, and dabbled in various music industry internships or miscellaneous jobs. Somewhere along the line however, I realized that NOTHING made me happy besides singing; it had been the only constant thing in my life. I believe that the loss of loved ones, the failures, my parents’ divorce, and heartbreak have made me stronger and more determined to make it.
My growth can also be contributed to my brother. He was never a “yes man”. He always told me if a song I wrote was “whack” or if a note I sang was “off-pitch”. The value of honesty has allowed for me to expand my gift tremendously. It is so important to have a supportive and loyal circle around you.
In the next 5 years where do you see yourself going?
If I stay focused on improving my skill set, consistently make music, and increase my fan base, I WILL BE HAPPY. I need for music to be my full time profession. There is nothing greater than waking up in the morning and doing what you love. It is essential for the world to know and feel my emotion through my music.
What are the 3 images that best describe your growth?



What message would you like to provide those people who have hit a road block with their personal growth?
It is never too late to chase your dreams. The world is yours, but it is UP TO YOU to go get it. We are meant to be rejected and have failures; nothing that we want comes easy. Life is short. Don’t be the person that says, “I wish that I would have followed my passion”. The time is NOW.
How would you like to be remembered?
I want to be remembered by my voice and my personality. I am a very caring person and wear my heart on my sleeve.
What are your current ventures?
I just released my first EP on April 1st, titled “Fool for Love”. It is available everywhere: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Google Play Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more. I am currently my own manager, but I do have a strong team, Young Kings Productions, working with me to create and dominate. Keep an eye out for us because we aim to take the world by storm!
To monitor my journey, please follow me everywhere at @nellerosemusic

Monthly Feature: Under 40 & Changing The Game (5)

 Who is. . .?
 Mazaryah is a multitalented individual that has been using his gifts to focus on artist brand development and wardrobe styling.
What has contributed to your personal growth?
 The main contribution to my personal growth was watching the 3 women of my life, my mom, aunt, and late grandmother go through any and everything to see me become successful.
In the next 5 years where do you see yourself going?
 In the next 5 years I see myself as a partner of a major entertainment company and also owning a clothing line. I will have a boutique running in Atlanta that will welcome clothing for women of all sizes and making them feel beautiful.
What are the 3 things that best describe your growth?
What message would you like to provide those people who have hit a road block with their personal growth?
 It sometimes take a lot of time to grow into the being that God puts you on this earth to be. You may stumble, you may trip, you may fall but the key to success is to never accept the bruises aches and pains as a endearment of failure. Use the hard times as lessons and notes so that you can strategically plan out your route and have wisdom for guidance as you walk. You never give up. No matter what happens. Because you never know how long it may take for you to bang on the door of success for it to open.
How would you like to be remembered?
I will be remembered for my creative genius in the art world. I will be remembered for my willingness to adapt to any situation to make a better outcome. I will be remembered for giving strength to the black family through economic wisdom.
What are your current ventures?
 Currently I am a artist manager under Esquire One Entertainment based in Atlanta, Ga. I also wardrobe style rappers and models. I am the project manager for Indie Live Show HipHop Tour and I Act in short films and skits.
Additional information about Mazaryah.
  • Born in Brooklyn, NY
  • Jamaican
  • Graduate from Brooklyn high school of the arts film/drama and fine arts and Florida memorial university psychology major
  • Member of Phi Beta Sigma
  • Crew member in Oscar winning film Moonlight
Instagram @UglyMazi