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False Sense of Happiness

Don’t let social media or things you see in society rush you into a false sense of happiness. Just because one person is happy, doesn’t mean you will be happy in the same way. I personally like staying in my bubble and disconnecting from society from time to time. It grounds me and reminds me who I am. I think that so many things that are considered a societal norm, people try to live by. Live your own life, in your own way because you choose to and not because society tells you. 

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Stepping Up

Stepping up is something we think about often but we don’t put into action. I mean we don’t clearly think about it in terms of the way we move into people’s lives, with the things we do in life, with our jobs and any other projects we have going on. In my opinion the way you step up is giving 100% to whatever you are doing or whatever you are involved with. I think people have forgotten this concept. Continue reading

How Do You Feel?

I have been picking up what’s left of this year and trying to make it end on a positive note. You can start in a negative space but you always have to end with something positive. I’ve been trying to keep to myself but I know that isn’t healthy at all. For the first 5-6 months of the year I struggled with getting outside the house. I’d personally rather stay in and not go out. It’s not that I was depressed it was more so I didn’t want to deal with people. People pushing views on how I should be living, what I should be doing and how I should be feeling. No matter what is happening people always seem to inject their views on you and not just let you live for you.
How do you feel? This is a real question that I was asked. Not are you okay? It was a genuine how do you feel?  I feel that life is getting better and that I am getting better. When I was asked this it was like a total shock. I didn’t really know how to answer it, it’s different then asking someone, “Hey are you okay?” I am not okay, why do you think I am okay? That made me reconsider connecting with the people around me and getting better. Sometimes people don’t know what to say but sometimes one person can fix the door to allow others back in. 
Now I find myself trying to enjoy life once again and just heal. Reconnecting with old friends, establishing new friendships, getting new hobbies and just smiling as much as possible. People see me going out but it really is for me to enjoy life for Kevin and no one else. We tend to forget that we are the drivers in our journey through life and that others are the passengers along for the ride. The moment they become backseat drivers to steer you in the wrong direction, you have to kick them out the car. If they can’t give you the necessary tools so you can keep driving your own life then they shouldn’t be along for the ride.

Good Morning! (Part 2)

Good Morning to those who never receive a good morning. I think everyone in some way or form should receive words of encouragement and inspiration for the week. As I always say “you never know what someone is going through” so for you to just say, “I hope you have a great day” makes people feel good. For as long as some people have known me I’ve always sent positive words to people around me. I like being a positive person no matter what is going on around me. Every day is a struggle but I have to keep moving forward or I would be stuck in my misery. 
Every Monday I send out a positive message to people I know for the week. I am always asked, “Hey can you add my friend to your Monday morning messages.” I don’t mind as I feel that everyone should get a positive message for the week. During the week you may have many ups and downs but it’s always how you start your week that will determine how your week will end. If you can start your week with positive energy and vibes, then no matter what you are going through you can definitely get passed it. We all experience moments of despair but the weekly reset needs to happen so you can get back on track. Everything takes time but it will happen. 
Each week is a time for you to reflect and become better then the person you saw in the mirror last week. The “good morning” text sometimes is all the push you need to keep moving forward and not be stuck in a bad place. Start your week with happiness, love in your heart and energy to achieve your goals.
“Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday.”
*If you want to be added to my Monday Morning Messages please shoot me an email w/your preferred method of receiving the message (via email or text message)