False Sense of Happiness (2)

During this pandemic (Covid 2020 AKA The Rona AKA Big Rona AKA The destroyer of 2020) I feel like a lot of things have clicked for people. Clicked in the sense that they aren’t forcing happiness or letting things around them give them a false sense of happiness anymore. That false sense of happiness you get from hanging around with the wrong people or seeing fake happiness online. We are in a pandemic which is causing people to disconnect from the negatives of the world and just be in their space.

So much has happened in the past couple months which has caused us to question everything around us. I think in a good way, personally. That thing we thought made us happy was only a placemat because it was only for a moment. I think the pandemic has caused us to look at our lives as a whole and ask ourselves, “Am I really happy because of this?” Social media has played a role in creating a false sense of happiness for a lot of us. Based on my previous post I think a lot of us are getting hit with reality being inside. Getting out of the norm and doing things different because we have to. We can’t rush things or do the normal things we are used to. 

A false sense of happiness to me is when someone fakes the happiness externally but internally they are really not happy at all. Everything you see around you can be fabricated. Don’t believe what you see, just live your best life and enjoy every moment.

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