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Men Who Brunch

So I’ve posted a couple pictures of me at brunch and have discussed how much I love brunch often. If you don’t know what brunch is, grow up and educate yourself. It has to be one of the best things you can ever experience in your adult life. The weird thing is that people think that men who do brunch are gay. Are you serious? So I can’t do brunch because that would make me seem like I’m gay? Who raised you? Does it matter what someone likes? How basic can you be to assume that? 
If you’ve never experienced the joys of brunch and actually know what it is you can’t respond. You also don’t pay my bills so you can’t tell me where to go. The amount of grown and beautiful women at a good brunch event is always amazing. Drinking mimosas and screwdrivers while having breakfast food is delicious. Dancing and networking with people you’ve never met is also an enjoyable part of doing brunch. Brunch isn’t only meant for one type of people it is literally for everyone. When you are an adult you always want to try new things and not always have to go out at night. If you can do something during the day and have enough time afterwards to do adult things you will do it. Brunch is the best excuse for day drinking. If you go with a good group of people this could be the best experience. Everyone does brunch different but as long as you enjoy it, that’s all that matters.  
What makes brunch gay for men? I was told because it started in Atlanta with gay men. How ignorant do you have to be to assume this? My thinking is that weak minded people that haven’t experienced life make assumptions about things like this. Brunch is not a new concept that started this year. It has been happening since the late 1900’s, maybe even earlier from the research I’ve found. It’s just that people of color decided to take it and add a better twist to it. It’s still classy but ratchet at times, enjoyable and for those true adults that are adulting right. Brunch is not for everyone but don’t immediately judge people for the things they find enjoyable just because you don’t have an understanding for it.
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#BrunchAtHome Presented By @HoSitDown

So this week I was invited to #BrunchAtHome by @HoSitDown in New York. I think if you’ve never been to a brunch before this is a way to get your foot in the door. Brunch is a way for you to meet different people outside your circle, have great food and hit a quick little 2-step. If you are a close minded person brunch isn’t for you and you should stick to your night parties. As an adult I have become more accustomed to brunches and day parties. Have a quick turn up during the day and you’re able to get back home at a reasonable time.

Brunch is described as a combination of breakfast and lunch, which occur between the hours of 11 AM – 8 PM (varies). If you live in the New York area you have at least heard of or been to Pranna’s brunch which runs from 12 – 7 PM and you normally need to book it months in advance. The #BrunchAtHome experience was definitely on the same level as a Pranna brunch just because of the food variety and the drinks that kept flowing (in my opinion). The host made sure that your cup was never empty and that food was always available. 
I feel that if you know how to host people at home then this can be very successful, as this event was. The thing is not everyone respects your home. People hear brunch and sometimes don’t know how to act. As long as you set ground rules and invite a select number of people you can definitely have a successful event. #BrunchAtHome presented by @HoSitDown, while he was in DC, I think is something everyone should experience.   
“Brunch is always a good idea”

He’s TOO perfect… He must be GAY

“You’re Gay” is the common thing that is said to a man that dresses well, treats people right, cry’s, shows emotions, plans things out and that generally wants to be involved in people’s lives. Before you debate me or bash me read my reasoning and then provide your comment. This topic is based off my experiences in relationships I’ve been in and the female friends that ask me,” is your friend gay?”

When going through life you find yourself meeting different groups of people, with different religions, backgrounds, orientations, fetishes and lifestyles. All you can do is respect people’s decisions and move on. Without knowing someone we always seem to make the assumption about someone’s orientation because of the things they do. Even when you do know someone and the things they do, you still tend to come out of pocket ( to make an assumption) because you aren’t used to seeing them do that. When something isn’t normal for you, you tend to say that it shouldn’t be done and lump that person in with a group you dislike or do not relate to. Think about it, when it is something you aren’t accustomed to or that is out of your realm you get uncomfortable with it. Whenever I go out with my friends we dress a particular way. We care about our appearance and standing out from the crowd. We like our clothes to fit us and look presentable. On a number of occasions I’ve had women walk up to me in these settings and be like, “ya look cute, are you guys gay or something?” What does caring about your appearance have to do with being gay? You’re so used to seeing men that don’t care about their appearance that when you do see one, it confuses you and throws you for a loop. You immediately think something is wrong with him. This is all about the environment you are in that makes you come to that conclusion.

The Man with Passion
I was also told it was gay for a man to cry in front of a woman. Personally I had an experience when I did cry in front of someone and she started laughing at me and told me it was gay. This was a couple years ago so I’ve always been self-conscious about that. If you can’t cry in front of the people you trust, then who can you cry too? Can’t show tears of pain, can’t show tears of sorrow without being told, “You’re Gay.” For someone to take you out of your comfort zone and treat you better than you’ve ever been treated you assume something is wrong. This person is way too perfect, “Hey are you gay?” or “You’re doing all the right things, are you gay or something?” When you find someone who actually has a plan and knows what they want from life, what do you do? Isn’t this the person you’ve been asking for? You wanted someone that could bring something to the table or did you want someone that you have to baby? When you finally find someone who is strong minded, positive, uplifting, goal oriented and compliments you, life really just falls into place.

The Networking Man
I know one of the biggest things for me to do at my age is to network. I personally love networking and meeting new people. For some people it is extremely weird. Any event I go to I bring my business cards and leave with at least 2 or 3 new contacts that might be relevant in the future. If you’re not beneficial to my growth why entertain it? I’ve been in a number of situations that I get to a setting and just chatting it up with people. Like for a good 30-45 minutes. My philosophy is, “it’s never what you know but who you know.” So you never know in a random discussion with someone if they can benefit you in the future. In my past dealings with someone she thought it was gay when she first met me that I was just having random conversation with people at a bar. Most of them being guys. I stopped talking to her after that conversation because she didn’t understand the concept of networking. My friends can tell you, I can walk into any place and meet the coolest people you wouldn’t normally associate with. I have some of the dopest gay friends and just because I associate with them, people think I am gay. Are we too closed minded as a society to think it’s okay to associate with people who view the world differently? Networking is an essential tool in your inventory and if you don’t do it, you should look at doing it more.

Before coming out of pocket, really stop to think about what you’re about to say. Just because someone does something out of the norm or something you aren’t use to, maybe you should ask them and get a better understanding for their process? We are the product of our environment and whatever we see, we think is normal. We never think that things could be different, we just assume that all things can be like this. Instead of opening our eyes and thinking things could be different we stick to our comfort zones. Never knowing that we are damaging our own realities and the people around us with our blurred perspective of life.

What screws us up the most in life is the thought in our head of what we are comfortable with versus what we don’t really understand” – KP

Anti-Social Status

Another day, another day, another day!! As we go about each day interacting with people, making new friends and establishing ourselves in the world sometimes we come to realize that there are journey’s in our life we must take. A journey in the sense of establishing who “WE” are as a person after many years of being told what to do by our parents, friends, mentors and random individuals or a journey in the sense of finding/creating who we are as a person. These people trying to mold us into something that we haven’t prepared fully or ventured enough into the UNKNOWN to discovery for ourselves. People who push us to do things we rather not do until we feel that we are at the point, that we have accomplished enough to get to that point. This is where you just want to take a step back from these people and say to yourself “I NEED TO FIND ME!!!” you can’t let anyone find you or create you. This is where the Anti-Social Status kicks in.

As most of my” friends” have noticed for awhile I have been doing my own thing, school, work and that’s pretty much it. People will hit me up like “Kevin you still alive?” or “Why you don’t hit me up anymore?” or “Why you so distant from everyone?”I feel I’ve reached that age where I have to take “MY JOURNEY” and re-evaluate who I interact with and what social groups I affiliate myself with. We all have those people who are cool with you one minute and the next minute they act like they don’t know you, and then come right back when they need something. (I DISPISE THESE PEOPLE LOL) Sometimes you just have to take a stand, no matter if you’re a active person such as myself always wanting to meet people, go out and do this and that, you have to fall back and say to yourself, “WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?”, “WHAT DO THEY MEAN TO ME?” Then you will realize not everyone is on your side as you may think. The plus about this “Anti-Social Status” is that you eliminate those who are I-R-R-E-V-E-L-A-N-T from view, which damages your growth and who just want to use you.

People will take notice if a person who is normally everywhere just stops showing up and being involved, “Where is SO and SO at? Their normally at these type of things?” After a couple times people will be like “OKAY something is wrong somebody find out”, these are the people that are REAL and that actually care about your well being, others are just like oh well there missing out and keep it moving. These are kind of the people you want in your life, who actually are there and support you through whatever you are going through. You learn from your experience of disconnecting from the world and from those who don’t matter. I’ve learned a lot I believe, you can’t actually FIND yourself you have to CREATE yourself and push yourself to do the things you want to do. You only live once, so why not live and let live?

It’s a continuous process and I believe that only you can establish who you are as a person. There are those who I continue to stay in contact with through my “Anti-Social Status” because they give me a REASON too. They are there for the crazy talks, discussions, finding out if I’m still alive, wishing me the best with school, life and keep pushing me to be ME (KEVIN PIERRE)!! Love you guys.

Shoutouts to Nandy, Randy, Ketsy, Rich, Jay “MOFO” Hicks, Bryan, Dalmar, B. Pittman, Vic, Alfred, Alison, Quail ,Lena, Allyson, Marie H, Nikki, Tara F. , Munchy! And to the many others who will remain nameless because I know they prob don’t like to be shouted out hahaha