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(Poem) Random Guy

I randomly do things just because
Never needing a reason to make people smile
Yeah I’m that random guy
Randomly telling friends how much I appreciate them
Caring too much for the people closest to me
Never needing anything in return
I am that random guy
Randomly dragging people on adventures
Making sure everyone has a smile
Celebrating those people who deserve to be celebrated
Randomly loving the people around me
Experiencing life in a new light
To be random is to be different
Doing things “just because”
Just so everyone is wearing the same smile I’m wearing
Life is too short not to be happy
So why not share my happiness randomly?
The best happiness is the one that is never expected
From the people who appreciate you the most
Never needing a reason to be me and make people happy
I am that random guy
~Kevin Pierre

(Poem) Black Heart


Heading back into my cave
Detoxing from my feelings
Keeping my thoughts to myself
I’ve become heartless
That heartless monster I said I’d never become
With not one ounce of care
My heart is black
Sitting in my cave
Rewinding back
Back to where my heart was black
They say listen to your heart
But my heart is black
Building my walls back up
Letting go of the feelings I once had
It’s not you, its me
I am darker then usual
Leaving everything behind
Trying this new wave
Hoping that I stop losing and finally win one
Realizing that no one is ever ready
Ima take a step back
            And let my heart become black
They brought me up
            To the point where I was the happiest
Then let me go
            Like I was a seasonal fixture
No longer in my feelings
I rather my heart be black
Black without a care in the world
I’m done chasing “what ifs”
            And I’m letting go of “what could be”
I’m done appreciating those
            Who don’t appreciate me
I’m done caring too much
            And being the old me
I’m overdosing on this “ I don’t give a fuck” mentality”
Losing friends along the way but
            I’m on this new wave
Gone with the wind
            I’ve become this heartless monster
Letting go of the old me
            And embracing the new
I’ve allowed my heart to become black
With not once ounce of care
I’ve become this black-hearted monster

~Kevin Pierre

(Poem) Her


I told her, thank you
For just being her
The her of my dreams
The her I can feel comfortable with
The her that’s in my thinking thoughts
Not the her that’s an object
But the her that’s whole presence makes me smile
The her that is perfectly imperfect
The her that gave me the chance to be me
Cupid finally listened to this hopeless romantic
Letting me do me, and finally find her
You know her . . . the her of my dreams
Not the her that’s only here for a season
But the her that wants to go the distance
The her that accepts my flaws and my addictions
The her that I appreciate more then the stars in the sky
No longer stuck in an endless loop of confusion
Because her actions give me reason not to
Trusting her with all of me
Because her hands wont let me go.
If I had a her
I would tell her, thank you
For just being her

The her of my dreams

~Kevin Pierre

(Poem) The Hopeless Romantic

Stuck in an endless loop of confusion

Wondering why I’m considered a hopeless romantic

They say there is no hope for a romantic like me
Hopelessly wondering if cupid is shooting the wrong arrows
Or maybe he’s just missing his primary target

Being disappointed so many times,
You start to realize that cupid isn’t for you.

Being the hopeless romantic that I am,
I hope he would just leave me alone and let me do me.

Attracted to these mindless puppets,
Who accept the things society throws at them.
Is there a place for a hopeless romantic like me?

A person who invest time in getting to know you
A person who calls you beautiful instead of sexy
A person who does things for you just because.

. . .but really, is there a place for me?

You know what . . .

I’m still stuck in this endless loop of confusion
But I understand why I’m considered a hopeless romantic

It’s cause I appreciate your flaws, which make you different from the crowd
Your personality, which attracts me to your style
Your smile that can take all my cares away
Your strength, that drives me to be a better me

Maybe I am a hopeless romantic,
That believes genuine people still exist

Maybe I am a hopeless romantic,
Just because I appreciate you for being you
And not another one of those mindless puppets

. . .but is there a place for a hopeless romantic like me?

~Kevin Pierre