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I think that a lot of us don’t know how to be alone. The fact that with a pandemic happening that people don’t know how to just sit down and stop moving tells you that. With the coronavirus happening and governments just shutting down everything to stop the spread of the virus people have taken it upon themselves to not listen. Not listen as far as not being outside and interacting with people, unless absolutely required. Be alone and appreciate your time to just be in your space. 

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Do Better For You

I touch on this topic a lot because I am always surrounded by people who think of others before thinking of themselves. They would rather put people’s happiness before their own and I also find myself in that same boat. It’s not just people’s happiness they always put before their own but other stuff before their own endeavors. The long hours at work just to come home and forget about their side project. I feel that you have to do better for you, so you don’t feel drained from the weight of the world.

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Thankful Again

I cannot stress to people on how much you could honestly be thankful for. I spent 95% of 2018 just being thankful for everyone and everything around me. The other 5% I had my mental breakdowns, asking why this and why that but I feel like I was allowed those moments to just break down. It allowed me the time to really look at things and be thankful. Have you really sat down and appreciate everything that has been provided to you as of late?

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Everyone’s Watching

There is nowhere in life that people are not watching your movements. They are always observing the things you do, the way you fail, the way you move forward, your new endeavors, etc. No matter where you are in life, up or down, people will always wonder what you are doing to put yourself in a different place. Give people something to look at and keep pushing through because no matter what, as long as you are satisfied that’s the only thing that matters. Continue reading