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Technology in 2020

I feel that we have all these forms of technology for information gathering and people just lack the skills to gather information. I remember when I was told I couldn’t use the internet, had to go to the library and provide a work cited page for all my papers. So research comes to me pretty simple as I know how to find out if information is true or not but I still feel like people don’t even have these basic skills. Even if you don’t go to the library you have a million ways to cite information nowadays from credible sources, so I just find that lack of effort just pure laziness.

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I think that a lot of us don’t know how to be alone. The fact that with a pandemic happening that people don’t know how to just sit down and stop moving tells you that. With the coronavirus happening and governments just shutting down everything to stop the spread of the virus people have taken it upon themselves to not listen. Not listen as far as not being outside and interacting with people, unless absolutely required. Be alone and appreciate your time to just be in your space. 

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Are We All Just Always Depressed?

Are we all just always depressed? Depressed about something random in our lives and the many different things that we are experiencing. I’ve been falling in and out of depression in my opinion. One minute I could be good and then someone brings something up, then I am down. I am depressed at times and people will never know only cause certain times my mind is somewhere else. People shouldn’t know only because I am a private person and I don’t need to share everything with social media. At times I find myself so lost in my job or hobbies that I forget that I was feeling a particular type of way earlier in the day. Continue reading