Are We Still Friends?

I always seem to talk about friendships but as you grow through life, I feel friendships are essential. Some friendships are forever, while others are just temporary life lessons. I think we have to ask ourselves what we consider friends and the level of friendships we have. Based off one of my older posts entitled, “ Friend Circles” I feel like you don’t have to ask people, “are we still friends?”

Sometimes questioning the friendship means that you might not be friends, honestly. I always joke with my friends by asking them that when I don’t get an invite somewhere I wasn’t even going to or when they exclude me from going to grab food. I love when people say,” let’s build our friendship” and no work goes into building but assume the friendship has been built. If you have to think, “ are we still friends?” You probably aren’t friends in my opinion. No effort has been put into maintaining the friendship that was discussed, so I consider the friendship null and void. You may encounter them randomly in public and keep it cordial but that does not mean you guys are friends in my opinion. You know that fake cordial, “hey how have you been?”, ”hope everything is going great with you” type of greeting/conversation and you keep it moving. 

Sometimes you ask yourself this question but you clearly already know the answer to it. Friendships take work to build and maintain as you get older. Once you get older you don’t care what friends you are able to keep and which ones go away. It’s just life, things happen for a reason and not everything is forever.

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