MYOB Energy

I love that the pandemic just has people on some new type of energy. That “mind your business” type of energy. You just grinding out and not sharing everything with the world type of energy. You’re just achieving your goals and only sharing your achievements with the people in your circle. You don’t always need to share your accomplishments with the world. Just show out and when they find it, they find out.

I honestly love how people are just popping up on social media with major accomplishments. It’s great to be entertained by peoples initial journeys, but to be notified about something major after it has been achieved is always a blessing. When you see people pop up engaged, people are just like, “HOLD UP they were in a relationship?” . . .that’s none of your business. Be happy for them because they found happiness. When someone pops up 8 months pregnant bout to bring life into the world or brought life into the world and sharing with you for the first time. . .be happy for them. People immediately go searching social media for any evidence of whatever led up to this person’s predicament. Nah, live your life and let them live theirs. Those people getting homes, getting a promotion, starting their business and just being genuinely happy is such a vibe. That POP UP energy is a real thing and should be practiced more often.

Pop up when you’ve reached your goal. You never want too many people knowing the inner workings of what you are working on till it’s fully achieved. Showcase what you want but keep something for you, not everyone needs to be involved in this journey you call life. MYOB at all times and just remain happy. 

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