Don’t Make a New Years Resolution

Let’s be serious the amount of people that make a New Years resolution and don’t follow them has to be in the thousands. Why are you wasting your time with one? You just know you won’t follow it. Every year people tend to make some type of decision(s) that they want to change or do for the following year and don’t follow it. These are disguised as New Years Resolutions. Once you throw something into this category I just feel like you won’t do it. It is literally a crutch that hinders you from growth especially if you are not a motivated person.
Let’s say you are a motivated person you more then likely won’t create a New Years resolution you will just create a set of goals for yourself to achieve. For example in 2016 I want to be able to cook a 5 star meal for the people I know. This is just a statement to yourself, with no set time frame. Just in 2016 you want to be able to cook a 5 star meal. Unexpected things could happen and make you completely forget about this resolution, even if you put it on a sticky note on your wall. In the next 3 months I want to be able to cook a 5 star meal for the people I know. Right here you’re sounding like a champ, you set a goal for yourself to complete this in the next 3 months. Setting a goal for yourself it will always ring in your head like, “Hey buddy, didn’t you want to learn how to cook or nah?” “You really suck right now if you don’t get these cooking skills up”,” So you really going to ignore me right now?” It will just keep reminding you that you set a goal for yourself and you haven’t started to work on it. New Years resolutions people create all the time and just throw them in the trash or recycle it for the next time you have to make a New Years resolution.  The moment you make a New Years resolution you already lost the race.
Not saying that people don’t stick to them but something has to drive you to want to stick to it. The biggest New Years resolution I hear from most people is that they are going to the gym and trying to be healthy this year. Don’t lie to yourself, you are only hurting you and not me. People start in the gym maybe a good 2-3 weeks and then just burn out. They see a little result and say, “Yeah I am good for the year.” The moment the summer come and you see one of your friends reaching a “goal” they set for themselves instead of a New Years resolution then you are going to want to hit the gym more often. You don’t realize that progress doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t get that body you wanted immediately. So you wait until New Years Eve and make another resolution to yourself that you won’t keep.
Moral of the story, just set goals for yourself. New Years resolutions aren’t realistic achievements and are more like wishes. “I wish I could do this” or “I wish I could do that.” You should actually set realistic goals for yourself. Give yourself a deadline to reach your goal and push yourself to meet them. You will have to stay consistent in everything you do to show your growth but you will make it in no time. You are the only thing holding you back from being great.

“You can make a wish, or you can make it happen”

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