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Do It For The Likes (Part 2)

Back to this topic “Do It For The Likes” because we are the generation of “likes”. The more likes you have, the more power you have? Nah people just like your stuff really. Do social media “likes” have any real value? Yes and No. It’s really up to us to determine how much power a social media “like” has over us but I think people don’t get that sometimes. If they don’t get enough likes on something over a 10 minute period they could just delete it because it didn’t do the numbers they wanted.
Talking in one of my group chats about things posted on social media and we talked about what things we see that people do for likes. I brought up the fact that most people don’t leave anything for the imagination as far as pics. The first image you see of someone you will just “assume” that they are something they are not. For example, if you are trying to get to know someone and you guys exchange IG names. The first picture you see is a half naked pic in the mirror, what will be your first assumption? This questions applies to both male and female. Yes we do have a lot of IG models out here but not everyone is an IG model, some people are just searching for approval or attention. My thing is when you finally get into something with this person will the first time seeing them this way really “wow” you like it did when you saw it on Instagram? 
Just a reminder, not everything should be shared on social media. Jobs are using social media before they hire some people and also people are losing their jobs because of social media. Is a “like” really worth it? Before doing it for the likes make sure you are not setting yourself up for failure. Not everything needs to be shared for likes. 
“I don’t broadcast every high and I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have a life.”

Do It For The Likes

We are in the age of the “likes.” Doing things to please people we barely even know, so we can feel some type of importance. Social media sites have us just walking around liking things or putting comments on the things people share. We all share things but do we share too much? Do we do things just to please the people around us? Not saying having to many likes is bad but what are we getting out of it?
Our lives revolve around social media. We are all plugged in somewhere, viewing people’s pictures or videos. Do you think some people are taking it to far? My thing is if you are getting more then 1000 likes on something and are only doing it for the likes, please get paid from it. If you are just seeking attention, just sit down and re-evaluate your life. Since vine and instagram have been out people have been cashing in. People with intricate 6 sec – 15 sec videos for likes are becoming famous. I am just saying I’ve seen a lot of videos on instagram and vine that are extremely thought out. Good quality video and a cast of people. How long can you do it for the likes though? If this is your brand and you make money from it, great. For those others that are trying to jump on the bandwagon, I feel like you need to relax. People are doing the most on these social media sites. Just stop it and be yourself, stop searching for approval from others. When you post some hot shit on instagram and you can still see the names, how do you feel? Most people just delete it and wait till later to post something better. If you can still see the names and not numbers people get highly upset about that. I notice that a lot on my timeline, where people just delete the picture after 15 minutes of getting no likes. It really isn’t that serious. Just because you haven’t received a like on the picture doesn’t mean it hasn’t been viewed, right? People are just not feeling it at the moment and are letting you be great.
What are you trying to do for likes? Are you posting half naked pictures? Are you trying to create a funny video for people? Are you just posting your life on social media? Remember that everything you do on social media is a reflection of yourself and how people see you. No one is saying not to do it for the likes but review what you post before posting it. No one becomes famous over night and you shouldn’t search for validation from people you barely know.
“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep” – Vernon Howard

Instagram Stalker

                I previously did a topic about the Facebook Stalker but now that we have so many other popular social media sites, let’s talk about the Instagram Stalker. Let’s be clear though, instagram stalking and someone who just likes your pictures are different. Instagram is meant for people to like and/or comment you pictures. We have to identify when someone just likes our pictures and when someone is doing way too much.
                People have the notion of assuming if someone likes more than 3 pictures they are 1) either thirsting 2) they want the D or 3) stalking. You have to realize that Instagram is a place you post pictures, for people to “LIKE” duh. The thing to look out for though, are those people who like all your pictures from 65 weeks ago and then proceed to have a conversation with you on the 1stpicture you ever posted on instagram. WE SEE YOU!! Instagram is a place to be stalked without you even knowing you are being stalked, honestly.  You have 100+ pictures on your IG account and they like EVERYONE OF THEM, just because.  Once again some of us have been in those situations where someone likes all our pics, we shout them out and now they think they have claim to us. No . . .NO . . .and DOUBLE NOOO.  Assumptions will get you nowhere, but be aware STALKERS come off very nonchalant or casual until you let them in. They will comment on pictures they have already commented on, unlike then like pictures again, and stalk any pictures you have been tagged in. Instagram is just another way for stalkers to be great.
            First you have to stop shouting out people who like your pictures, this is a window for stalkers to like all your pictures and start a conversation from your first picture. Second thing is to know when you are doing WAYYYY too much on instagram. It’s cool to post your new socks but when you’re posting your new socks and are half naked you’re honestly just asking to be stalked. “Hey you see a pic of my new socks on IG?” . . .Looks on IG and sees you with barely any clothes on, then see the socks in the corner of the room. It’s cool, I will let you be great but at least don’t set yourself up to be stalked. There is always a limit to what can and can’t be posted on IG.