Technology in 2020

I feel that we have all these forms of technology for information gathering and people just lack the skills to gather information. I remember when I was told I couldn’t use the internet, had to go to the library and provide a work cited page for all my papers. So research comes to me pretty simple as I know how to find out if information is true or not but I still feel like people don’t even have these basic skills. Even if you don’t go to the library you have a million ways to cite information nowadays from credible sources, so I just find that lack of effort just pure laziness.

In this day and age when history is starting to repeat itself with the world seemingly burning around us, we can learn from history’s lessons and do better. The problem here is that people either don’t make the effort to educate themselves on history, fail to research history or just accept the history they are provided without fact checking it. When I talk to people I like to make sure I am able to know what I am talking about and provide them sources where they can read it themselves. Knowledge is power and if you can spread that knowledge then we all will have some type of power. I can provide you the tools but I can’t make you understand what information you are provided. That is the next point here, people FAIL to try and understand. I’ve been repeating this over and over for the past couple weeks. People do not listen to understand, they listen to respond and that’s the problem. You can provide them all the necessary facts but doesn’t mean they will understand what you are saying. 

Technology in 2020 kind of shows that some people are just stuck in their way of not knowing or willing to know something new. You have access to everything you need from the palm of your hands but you fail to take the extra step to find out for yourself. I personally don’t mind helping people find answers but if I always have to send you information that’s readily available it’s time for me to take a step. Use the other technological resources around you to advance your knowledge.

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