Can You Be Human? (2)

Playing off the topic I wrote back in 2017, I felt this would happen. The fact that people don’t realize we are all just the same, human, is beyond me. As humans, do you think everyone should be afforded the same rights? As humans, do you think that we all should be treated the same? If you agree with these statements but proceed to treat another human as trash because of the color of their skin, you’re the problem. 

Yes I said it, you’re the problem why these issues continue. During this pandemic all the human issues have been magnified. The reason for this is because WE AIN’T GOT SHIT TO DO AND STORES are CLOSED! This is why a lot of people who previously had tunnel vision to some of these issues are paying attention now. They are either making noise in a negative or positive way in regards to what’s going on with us as humans. For the entire globe to be protesting a specific issue, that tells you something. Everyone has noticed it and are finally saying, it’s enough. It’s a systemic issue that we, as humans, need to fix and overcome. The negative responses show what hidden feelings people truly had. When they wave their confederate flags or they use swastikas to say you are less than humans. If you do your research, which a lot of you have not done, confederate was a sign of traitors from the US. Just like the American flag is a sign of traitors from Great Britain. For you to wave that around and say you are not being American, you really sound dumb. Then we have the others who use swastikas like it’s okay. You can’t be serious? We fought an entire war against people who used these symbols as a sign of hate. The big thing to remember here is that both these symbols are a sign for losers. Both of these groups lost and are considered losers, so you played yourself immensely. 

The real question here is, can you be human? For those people who say,” I don’t see color” what are you trying to do to unify us as humans? Hopefully you are doing more besides hoping everything dies down. I hope you are educating those around you on why these things are currently happening. Why we should do better as humans to help others in their current time of need. Educating yourself on how we got here is very crucial in making sure we don’t get here again. That everyone has a voice and that we are all just human by doing the right thing.

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